Saturday, July 6, 2013

About Gamblers’ Magic Oil

This is a gamblers’ magic perhaps specific to the Traditional Chinese and Vietnamese communities.


According to Chinese funeral custom, after a person dies, his or her relatives will light an oil lamp to guide the deceased to continue his/her underworld journey. This lamp must be kept burning until the completion of funeral proper. Otherwise the dead soul cannot find his/her correct direction.


In the event that you are a gambler and keen in trying out your luck, first you must choose a young cleaver deceased and get some of the oils from this oil lamp. After that, you must store the collected oil into an empty egg shell until the coming full moon night.


Now prepare a whole chicken, a black fish, some fruits and some rice wine.


Get yourself a piece of paper and write “The Five Gambler Ghosts” on it and paste it to a bamboo stick. Go to a quiet corner, plug the stick into the ground under full moon light and then arrange all the food offerings on the floor. After that, burn some incense and candles. Pour some oil onto your palms and rub your hands. Call the name of the deceased and say, “so-and-so, you are the five gambler ghosts, help me to get the cards etc. I want in casino.” You must repeat the exercise for 49 times continuously.


Once you have completed the ritual, go into your house and get a deck of poker cards. Think of the card you want, call the spirit’s name. If what you done is correct and the spirit is with you, you will get the card that you want.


The next step is of course; try your luck in a casino!

Oh, oh... Before I forget, if you unfortunately got yourself a stupid spirit and lose money, don't blame me.. Hahaha.


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