Tuesday, July 9, 2013

More On Hotel Taboos

Over the years, I have heard many of such dos and don’ts about staying in a hotel from many frequent travelers. According to these friends, hotel is a pretty haunted place; old or new. So just for the fun of it, I am sharing what I heard in the hope to draw more comprehensive inputs:


·         If you notice that fruits are displayed in a hotel corridor or beside lifts; please don’t take a bite as these fruits are the offerings to local spirits and to appease them.

·         This normally happen in smaller hotel in a more remote area… If there is a bowl cupped upside down, please don’t pick it up as it may be a spirit is being sealed underneath it by some magician and left there for some reasons.

·         Please don’t stay in a room with some ‘fu’ or talisman attached onto the door, wall or anywhere in the room. These talismans are normally meant to oppress spiritual activities.

·         If you are staying alone in a room with twin beads, please put your luggage or a pillow in the middle of the bed indicating to the spirit that the room is taken.

·         Whenever possible, on the first arrival to a new place. If your religion allows you to; do go to the nearest shrine to pay a respect to the local deities. You don’t have to do too much offerings, just simply burn a joss stick or a bow will save you many troubles later.

·         On the event that you are disturbed in your sleep, please don’t panic and scream, yell or curse. You know, spirits are just like human; once you have panicked, they tend to disturb you more often. My usual way without resorting to magic is just say to the thin air to ask for the spirits to leave you alone: Such words when said calmly are pretty powerful.


Just to tell you a personal experience:


My pal and I were on a tour and we put up in a small hotel room in Ipoh. In the middle of the night, my pal felt someone was tickling his feet and he opened his eyes and saw an old man smiling at him. He screamed in panic and woke me up. He told me what had happened and decided to flee the place and sleep in the car instead. I didn’t think I could sleep in a car more so that we will have some travelling to do the next morning; so I continued to sleep. Not long after that, I heard ghostly knocking sounds around the room and as the sounds intensifies; I felt a cold face pressed onto my face. Without reciting any mantras or resort to any magic, I just say plainly: “Hey friend, you have your life and I have mine. I don’t disturb you, so please don’t disturb you.” As soon as I have uttered the words, the knocking halted and I was able to sleep throughout the night.


On later dates when I passed through Ipoh, I will make a point to book the same room again; but I supposed the spirits have decided to leave me alone and nothing happened thereafter.


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  1. Dear Sir,
    With due respect,
    I had stay twice at the famous GENTING's First World....and few other Genting's hotel.
    I experienced...after midnight..
    1]Voices of people talking loudly, next room.
    2]Sound of people walking to and fro..
    Maybe they were real human after all..
    3]The most intrigued..sound of little kids running around and shouting as if they playing at a playground..at 3am!
    any ideas?

    1. Hi,

      It is not difficult to distinguish the sound from spiritual world... most of the time the spiritual sound comes from no where. Meaning it is as if the disembodied sound is coming from all directions. But the 3rd point sounded like the sounds of kid spirits. It is indeed interesting to find out more.