Thursday, July 11, 2013

The Secret Of Nang Kwak’s Hand Gesture

Do as Nang Kwak do and you will be rich in no time.
If you are the worshipper of Nang Kwak, then you would be offering some cosmetic, flower, water and sweet beverages daily and perhaps chant the below katha:

“Na Sha Li Thi”

“Om Pu Chao Kaow Keao Mi Look Sau Dhun Diao

Ci Wa Nang Kwak Chai Hin Chai Rak

Yin Hen Yin Tak Pa Ku Pai Kar

Teng Meng Man Kar Hua Wen Ketai Sen Tar Nan

Sam Ren Krab Pan, Ren Pian Set Ti

Sam Pee Ren Bian Sam Pau Thong

Phra Suk The Ka Khun Diao”


But do you know that there is a secret to Nang Kwak’s hand gesture for calling fortune. This of course applies to businessmen and women mainly…


The secret is that every morning when you open for business and presented all the morning offerings to Nang Kwak, recite one of the above katha and raise your right hand towards your shop’s main door as if you are Nang Kwak; say “money come!” once. Repeat as many time as possible but best to do this for 108 times.


After that, try to strike first deal with your first customer and you will have a pretty good business day. If you are diligent in your practice, your business will boom in time. If you are in some urgency of getting business, stand up and do the above ritual instead of sitting down.


However if you only have Maneki Neko, do the same without the mantra.

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