Monday, July 1, 2013

The Making Of An Eel God (鱔魚神)

An eel caught in the wild.

Eels are known as resilient and die-hard creatures. They can survive with minimal water condition and their slimy body surfaces make them hard to be caught in water. Straightly speaking eel spirits are classified as lower spirits together with the chicken, snake, fox etc.


Having this in mind, eel spirits are not suitable to be used in standard blessing rituals involving heavenly deities. So this ritual can only be carried out in a separate altar; or more formally known as “yin altar” (陰壇). The purpose of eel sprit worship is to make a magician’s soul as slimy as an eel and the subsequent spell would be difficult to detect and neutralized.


The first step to call an eel spirit is of course to catch an eel about a pound in weight. Once caught, this eel will be put in a water container with some oil for one day to let it vomit out its stomach content. After that the magician will prepare enough rice wine and an air tight container to put the eel into.


The eel will only be dipped in the rice wine until it died. The dead eel is then buried under a plant outside of the altar and the plant is worshipped with incense daily. After that the rice wine is further empowered for around 100 days while performing the below ritual:


Once the content is sufficiently empowered, the rice wine and the plant are worshipped with incense daily. The rice wine will be used to mix with enough cinnabar and the magician’s own blood to empower ‘fu’ or talisman in casting black magic.


  1. Wow i really enjoy this post & method. Maye you could combine it with aji welut putih or white eel system from indonesia :))

    Question. Must these Number Patterns be performed while walking ?

    Thanks for much for this interesting article & webpage.

    1. Thank you for your interest.

      I'll publish the Aji Welut Putih also :)))

      The number is just a sequence of steps: 1->2->3->4

      This is called the 3 stages protection steps.