Thursday, July 4, 2013

Revenge Of A Conceived Black Bitch

This is a story of a Hong Kong businessman, Eric who has a garment factory in Vietnam.


Eric has set up a garment business in Vietnam about 10 years ago and to guard his premise, he has kept a few dogs to prevent theft and robbers. Amongst many of his dogs, there is a black bitch that is the main character of this story.


Life was just as normal with Eric and his wife, Jane. The bitch started to show aggression when Jane was pregnant for about 6 months. With due consideration of the safety of Jane and their baby; Eric decided to give the black bitch away to his Vietnamese workers for good.


About two weeks later, Jane started to have bad dreams about the black bitch biting her stomach and bloods oozing from her lower body. Jane felt very uncomfortable and told Eric about the repetitive bad dreams she had. Due to curiosity, Eric went to the workers’ quarter to investigate.


The workers’ quarter is a three story building with the ground and the first floor being the workers’ rooms and the top floor the kitchen. To Eric’s astonishment, the third was filled with talismans.  On enquiry, apparently that Eric’s workers have slaughtered the black bitch as their dinner. The workers only found out that the bitch was conceived with 6 puppies yet to be delivered!


Strange sightings of a shadowy doggie started on the top floor a few days after the slaughter of the bitch. Eric’s workers were too scared to go to the kitchen so they decided to ‘seal’ the floor themselves. No one dares to inform Eric of this incident for the fear of losing his jobs.


After learning the incident, there was nothing Eric could do: dogs are just one of the local delicacies. Soon everyone forgot about the black bitch until it was time for Jane to deliver. Jane again started to dream about the black bitch staring at her angrily and many times she woke up soaked with cold sweat. One day as Jane was walking down the stairs for her routine medical checkup; she slipped a step and fell down from the stairs. Eric hurriedly sent Jane to hospital but Jane had a miscarriage. As recalled by Jane later, she recalled that a doggie shadow was pulling her gown caused her to lose balance and fell down from the stairs.


With Eric’s permission I was lucky enough to visit the workers’ quarter before Eric ended his garment business. I thought I saw a black shadow moved very quickly at the corner of my eyes. I tried to communicate but got no response from the figure.


I guess it is fortunate that we only eat ‘hot dogs’ now-a-days and spare the dogs alone; for the good of the dogs, and the human too J!

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  1. This story show that dogs are spiritually powerful then human.