Friday, July 12, 2013

Thunder In The Palm (掌心雷)

Thunder in the palm is the all famous Taoist method to exorcise evil spirits. There are many variations to this ‘fu’ or talisman. The simplest form is only write the word ‘’ and the more complex form are as shown above.


The method is pretty simple: first draw the thunder talisman on to your left palm and then hold fist and raise your left fist above your head and say the below mantra:


OM HUM HUM,吾拿五雷符法, 晴天霹靂,妖魔速走,破邪神符,符東起泰山雷,南起衡山雷,西起華山雷,中起高山雷,五雷速發。”


(Om Hum Hum, I am lifting the five thunder talisman, thunder strikes in clear sky, all the evil spirits be gone! This is the god blessed talisman for exorcising evil. I am calling the talisman to raise the Tai Mountain thunder in the east, the Heng Mountain thunder in the south, the Hua Mountain thunder in the west and the Gao Mountain in the center.  All five thunders strike immediately!)


Now, release your fist as if you are throwing a stone towards the evil spirit and say, “Om Hum Hum!”


This is an all-famous Taoist talisman that should be memorized due to its efficacy. Please do not abuse it if you are not really into magical profession. The spirits will seek their revenge when you’re at your weakest.

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