Sunday, July 14, 2013

Of Dead Man’s Blood

Dead man’s blood, especially those of the murdered victims; is one of most favorite and sought after ingredients by the black magicians of Southeast Asia. Almost all of the magical traditions have one form of usage or another:


Taoist Magic


In the darker side of Taoist magic, the blood of untimely dead is collected with joss paper or bread for further ritual processing. Normally these blood tainted substances are put on the altar for around 49 days to attract the dead souls for doing various tasks. A Taoist black flag is normally used to congregate these types of spirits.


On one extreme of the practice of 5 brothers, blood is offered to the 5 brothers to increase their powerful. This is only done by very ‘special’ businesses as ordinary decent spirits won’t stay at certain places.


Malay Magic


It is a common belief in Malaysia and Indonesia that the blood of a murdered victim if collected into a bottle and empowered with mantras, after a week or two; a Polong will take shape for the service of the magician.


Yet another usage of blood magic is given by Wongalus:


Collect some of the blood from a murdered victim, either directly from the dead body or from the blood that was shed on the floor. After that cut a piece of lime and squeezes the lime juice onto the blood by chanting the below mantra:


“Oh the soul of untimely dead, I charge you to (state your intention)…”


It is said that by doing so, the spirit of the dead can be charged to carry out any tasks ordered by the magician. For example: the spirit can hurt, mesmerize, watch after a house, to make the business of competitors bankrupt etc. It is believed that such curses can bring terrible consequences to the victim and this type of blood magic is very difficult to cure.


The rest of the world


A dead man’s blood is normally used as an offering to demonic forces or to call upon ghosts and demons for various favors. The left-hand tantric ritual uses blood as one of the 5 nectars to the Tantric deities.


Whatever the system one follows, I supposed it is fun to learn. It is not advisable to perform blood sacrifices as there will be no end to it.

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