Saturday, July 13, 2013

Story Of Ghostly Mirror

Mirrors come in all sorts of size and shapes. They can by all means be used as reflective tools for us to look at ourselves. Other than that the internal decorators make use of mirrors to enhance space visual effects such that a narrow shop space would look much wider. This can be done by merely installing two pieces of mirrors facing each other. By doing so, a few customers may give the visual impression that the shop is full with customers.


However, if a normal household has installed a large mirror in the living room, then the room would appear to be a little gloomy and chill. In the perspective of Feng Shui, this condition will create discord amongst the family members. In a more scientific explanation; if one awakes in the middle of the night and he/she may get a shock by his/her own ghostly reflection. This is especially true if the mirror is placed directly opposite to the bed, a weak spirit pregnant lady may have higher chances of getting miscarriage.


Mirrors are also being used by occultists all over the world. In the west, the magicians use mirrors; especially the black mirror as a scrying or spirit communication tool in lieu of the crystal ball. On the other hand, the eastern occultists treated mirror as a gateway for spirits to enter and exit our world. So it is not a good idea to put up too many mirrors unnecessarily. This thought is perhaps affected by Feng Shui. Whatever the tradition is; breaking a mirror will bring bad luck.


This is a ghost story told to me by a Hong Kong friend about ghostly sightings in a police station somewhere in the mid 90’s. It was said that a police station has renovated their lift facilities and installed mirrors on all 4 sides of lift compartments including the sliding lift door to facilitate the police officers to check on their attires before going out of the police station. One day, a visiting British officer came to the police station and as he entered the lift; he saw a figure with blurred face features was standing behind him in mirror reflection. But when this officer turned his head, he saw no one was there; he was alone in the lift.


After stepping out from the lift, he quietly pulled his Hong Kong colleague and asked him about the ghostly sightings. It then transpired that the British officer was not the only one who has saw this ghostly figure; there were some reports of policemen and policewomen saw the same apparition as well. Due to the fear of being charged with spreading rumors, eye witnesses just kept silent.  


Well, Hong Kong is a pretty small area and soon the news spread like wild fire. The head finally decided to remove all the mirrors from the lifts to put a halt to curious visitors and the further propagation of ghost stories. After all, police station is a law enforcing agency and not a haunted house.


I asked my pal if he think the spirit is still there. This is the answer he gave me:


“To tell you honestly: I think they are not solving the issue right. The spirit is still there even they removed all of the mirrors. But as to whether the story has any foundation on it, let’s just treat it as a ghost story.”


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