Sunday, July 28, 2013

A True Story From Aunte Yan

Aunte Yan is working in a beauty salon in Ipoh and she was once a practitioner of Nichiren Shoshu (日蓮正宗) and worshipping Dai Gohonzon. The below story is told by her regarding her personal experience:


As you know I was a follower of Nichiren Shoshu worshipping Dai Gohonzon. The incense holder is as if a rectangular box where the incense once lit is put horizontally in the rectangle box. There is a small bell that needs to be stroked after every mantra recitation; and a small cup of plain water also need to be prepared in front of the incense burner. The water will need to be consumed the next morning.


I have a friend, Kim who has psychic vision and can see spirits; all types of spirits. One day Kim came to my beauty salon but she immediately fainted on entering my salon. I hurriedly sent Kim to hospital where Kim was unconscious for full 7 days.


My intuition told me that was the working of Dai Gohonzon and I was so frighten that Kim may die by the punishment of Dai Gohonzon, so I immediately packed all of the stuffs realted to Nichiren Shoshu and throw the package into Kinta River and let the package flow away. There was heavy rain and strong wind right after what I have done.


It was quite a miracle that Kim regained consciousness right after I returned from Kinta River. As narrated by Kim later that she bumped into a gigantic Sumo wrestler who was trying to take her life but fortunately the spirit can only possess her body but couldn’t harm her; added to that it was the right timing for me to put all my stuffs for a ‘float test’.


  1. Hi, was the Sumo wrestler connected to Nichiren Shoshu? Why would it harm Kim? Isn't it Buddhism?

    1. I would have go back to Aunte Yan for these questions for I'm only a story compiler... probably none of us have the answer... hahaha.

      Not to provoke: What is Buddhism and what is in the teaching of Nichiren Shoshu?