Sunday, July 14, 2013

Hardcore Magic: About Dead Man’s Tongue

Wongalus said:

Learning is the most interesting thing. This is what I believe in so far because with only learning we can obtain knowledge and new things in this life. One of the reasons is to learn how a metaphysical energy works noticeably.

At one moment in time, I met and learnt from an old spiritual master who was from inland of Kalimantan. He told me a recipe on how to make ‘minyak dilah’ to be used for (extreme) love magic.

The method is as follows:

First, dig out a recently dead.

Open the corpse’s mouth and bite its tongue until severed.

Now, the next step is to fry this tongue in stolen cooking oil. The subsequent oil and what is left of it is called ‘minyak dilah’.

When the oil is done, keep the oil in a bottle together with the tongue.

Method of usage:

You must rub the oil onto your target (woman/man) that you love quietly. This oil works pretty strongly. The victim will love you whole heartedly and he/she will give his/her life to you.

Yet a classical use of severed human tongue is old Malay’s way of keeping a kid spirit. The method is pretty scary:

First, get a recently dead baby or kid.

Open its mouth and bite off its tongue.

Keep the severed tongue in a bottle.

Feed it with blood drawn from your ring finger daily until the spirit come to you.

Perhaps let me ask you a question:
Do you have the gut to bite off a dead man's tongue?

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  1. Hmmm, how come it has to be bite ? is there any meaning behind it ?