Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Do Mind Your Language

In my position as a Feng Shui and magic hobbyist, I had many opportunities to meet many estate agents and get much firsthand info on haunted buildings and ghost stories; in the exchange of my free service of course.


Alice is one of the more talkative types and below is her story:


You know you really must watch your comments when visiting old buildings.


One afternoon around 4pm, I brought a rich elderly couple to see a colonial style old building facing sea. It was a large double story wood and brick building with banana trees, wild ginger plants and ylang-ylang trees growing in the compound.


After I unlocked all doors, I brief the couple a little concerning the building condition and the proposed selling price and then let the couple to walk through the building. The couple seemed to be quite interested in the building and they chatted between each other on their proposed plans of the building… I could only stand quietly listening to their conversations.


I can still remember some of their conversations as I thought they were a little arrogant and disrespectful of the building and the previous owner. You know how rich folks are when coming to showing off their money matters. The gentleman started to say that $1M is a little cheap and it would be a waste of time to renovate this old building and they should demolish it and build a new one; the lady seconded echoing the gentleman’s comment.


As the couple was excited by own conversations, an old rocking chair started to rock at first slowly and it gradually swigged more vigorously… Everyone thought it was only the sea breeze. The lady at this time said something I think she shouldn’t: “I will throw this old rocking chair away when I purchase this building.”


As soon as the last sentence came out from the lady’s mouth, she felt weak and collapsed onto the ground. What else? We hurriedly carried her back to the car as we thought that the still air in the building must have caused the lady to faint.


We didn’t know any first aid techniques then, what we could do was to sprinkle some water on her face and gently slap her face to make her regain her consciousness. I guessed the luck must be on our side as after a few minutes, the lady gained her senses. The first sentence that came out from her mouth was: “I saw an old lady in the rocking chair pointing her finger at me and scolding nonstop!”


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