Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Staying In Haunted House (I)

Staying in a haunted house can be quite challenging at times. Here’s Jessica’s true personal encounter.


A month ago, I received a call from a college friend, Jessica concerning strange happenings in her just moved in apartment in Cheras, Kuala Lumpur. It was a Saturday night around 9pm and it was also my happy hours with a few pals in a bar downtown. Her voice was shaky and she sounded panic. Jessica said she was alone with her 5 year old son; but I heard a lady’s voice yelling “get out!” in the background.


According to Jessica: she was washing plates in the kitchen after dinner and her 5 year old son who was then watching cartoon in the living room rushing into the kitchen and hugged her tightly from the back and said, “Mummy! Mummy! There is an aunty sitting in the couch watching TV!”


Jessica scolded her son that he mustn’t tell lies, but she remembered of the past history of her apartment and the reason that this unit was selling cheap: there was a murdered case that a woman was killed and the murderer is still at large.


With the grim history in mind, Jessica went to investigate but found no one. After pacifying her son she returned to the kitchen to finish her chore. As soon as Jessica turned her back, she felt a force pushing her in the back caused her to fall face down.


That was only one of the few strange incidents Jessica has to go through after moving into the apartment. In other incidents, Jessica heard someone knocked on her bedroom in the middle of the night but when she opened the door, there was not a single soul! Perhaps those incidents have caused Jessica to feel depressed and at least two times Jessica was found by her neighbors to have sat on the brim of her bedroom window. Recalled by Jessica later after being pulled back by her husband who was informed by their panicked neighbors, she said that a voice was instigating her to jump down from the window to end her life!


Jessica said that there is an uncle upstairs who is a Taoist and gave her some amulets for protection, but seems the amulets are powerless against the lady ghost. Hence she decided to give me a call before moving house. Well, to tell you the truth; there was nothing I can do … being half-drunk half awake. So I told Jessica to do two things:


The first is to get some joss paper, hell money, a small boat, a pair of white candles and some incense. She must burn the offerings in front of her apartment informing the spirit that she is not the one the ghost should look for; and that there is no relationship between the two what so ever.


The second is to get an aquarium with a cover. Keep two red fish and two black fish in the aquarium. After that put a small cactus plant on the cover; not forgetting to get a gas pump for the aquarium or the fishes will die.


With a little hesitation, Jessica agreed to try and we terminated the conversation as the alcohol must have been taking effect with my brains. I received Jessica’s call last night informing me that the strange happenings are no more. But her husband insisted to ask me to make a trip down south so that they can give me a treat. Perhaps I would go and visit the couple soon.

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