Monday, July 22, 2013

Ghost Stories From Phuket

Earthquake at the outer cost of Sumatera on December 26th, 2006 caused catastrophic Tsunami to South India, Sumatera, west cost of Malaysia and southwestern part of Thailand. Phuket Island was one of the areas badly hit by the tidal wave and hence gave forth to many ghost stories. Below are some of the ghost stories I heard from a taxi driver when I last visited Phuket Island quite a while ago:


“Mister, do you believe it or not? I have personally seen ghosts! A few weeks after the tsunami, when I was passing Patong Street; I saw a group of foreigners singing and laughing by the roadside. When I was driving pass them, I habitually pressed my car horn to attract their attentions just in case they would like to have a ride. But when some of them turned their heads, I got the shock out of my living daylight: their heads were swelling as if being soaked in the water for a very long time with some of the eye balls fallen off from their eye sockets!”


The driver’s story intrigued me a lot, so I instigated him to tell me more. This gentleman didn’t disappoint me so I asked him to pull over a Tomyam restaurant by the roadside to fill his stomach while listening to his stories:


“There was a famous haunted hotel where all of the people in the hotel died during the tsunami. The hotel is now being reconstructed. One of my colleges who had fetched a male passenger to the abandoned hotel but the passenger vanished into thin air on arrival. There was no sign of door opening or closing; what was left was a pool of water at the passenger seat!”


“There was another incident happened to another driver at the same hotel: the driver went pass the hotel at midnight but noticed a lady was waving her hands indicating she wanted a ride. But he remembered the ghostly happenings and decided to step on his gas and speedily away. The strange thing was that the lady seems to be always in front of the taxi waving at him!”


Well, to tell you the truth I was a little skeptical; but since the story teller was so convincing himself, why not just sit back and enjoy the stories.

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