Monday, July 1, 2013

Play Ghosts But Played By Ghosts

Ah Beng is only 18 years old and has no experience with magic or spirits what so ever. But this young man is pretty interested in magical things and he has a group of pals that practices the Liu Ren (六壬) magic. They frequent to the cemetery at night to play with ghosts or even to catch a few just to test out their powers.


This was just another ghost hunting trip for the group to an isolated cemetery in Bukit Mertajam. One of Ah Beng’s friends Ah Kao started the master invocation ritual (下童) to invite his master to possess his body. After doing so for a few minutes, Ah Kao started to dance and perform martial art stances.


Ah Beng was quite impressed with Ah Kao’s ability and want to try also. Ah Kao agreed and transferred the master’s spirit into Ah Beng. As to Ah Beng’s expectation, he started to dance and played Kung Fu. But what was unexpected was that Ah Beng’s movements gradually turned violent and he continuously banged his head against a tomb stone nearby until blood oozing out from Ah Beng’s head.


At the mean while, Ah Kao and the gang panicked and didn’t know what to do because they had never experienced such an incident before. So they had to end the ghost hunting session and pulled Ah Beng back to his house. I was told that stones were thrown at their cars while they hurriedly retreated to human civilization. After safely home, Ah Beng’s family members remained helpless. There was nothing Ah Kao can do as his master had gone to Singapore and only to return after two days’ time.


I was finally called through Ah Kao’s friend to see if I can be of any help. When I arrived at Ah Beng’s place, I discovered Ah Beng was possessed by 3 nasty male spirits. So I took out my prayer beads and chanted “Na Ma Put Ta Yak” mantras and draw yants on his forehead and back to drive out the spirits. After Ah Beng was himself again, I cautioned him on what he has done. The moral of this story is: please don’t pray pray with spiritual world without proper supervision.

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