Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Some Simple Lu Shan Magic (閭山派)

Lu Shan sect is one of Taoist sect as with Mao Shan. Basically there are two types of Lu Shan Taoists:


·         Ceremonial sacrifices and ceremonial drama specific (祭禮與儀式戲劇)

o   Offering rituals during festive, blessing ceremony

o   Deliverance ritual for the dead

o   Normally lengthy and large scale rituals that may last for days

o   Expensive and involve a group of Taoist and sometimes an orchestra

o   Somehow similar to the Chinese Opera

·         Magic specific (巫術)

o   Exorcism, cursing, blessing, black magic etc.

o   Simple and most of the time only involve one or two person

o   Voodoo type of magic


We will leave the ceremonial drama alone for the time being as it will be an extensive topic to discuss about. Let me introduce you some simple Lu Shan magic that anyone can practise:


Purification of the salt and rice ritual (鹽米破穢法)


This ritual is quite common to other Taoist system; it is mainly used to purify the unholy energies and spirits. It is best to use sticky rice mixed with salt and throw the mixture around a haunted area, onto the head of a possessed person or throw the mixture into water for bathing.


Stopping a child from crying at night (止小)


If there is a child cry nonstop at night and there is a reason that there is the play of spiritual realms, then take the salt-rice mixture and spread it all over the child’s body, after that write “閭山陳大夫人在此百無禁忌” on a piece of red paper and then paste it in front of the bed.


Removing evil spirits after night out (除夜行遇鬼)


Prepare a new dust brush and tie a piece of red cloth. Hang the brush on the left side of your main entrance. On the event that you return at night and feel something is following you then use the brush to brush from your head to toe a few times.


Treating spirit possession


When you suspect a person is possessed, then prepare a bowl of water and two pieces of red chopsticks. Encircle the chopsticks over the head of the possessed and then dip them into the bowl. If the chopsticks can stand up, that means there is a spirit in the person. Tell the spirit to leave the body and then take 13 pieces of joss paper; encircle the paper on the person’s head and toe three times. Go out of the house, the further the better and burn the paper.

There are of course many more simple but effective rituals to deal with daily spiritual related situations. Suffice for now for a few examples. Perhaps we can look into the ceremonial sacrifices and drama for those who are more interested in the cultural studies.


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