Sunday, July 7, 2013

The Magic Of Joss Paper

There are many types of joss paper used by the Chinese community. This particular type is known as the “flow money”. The purpose of “flow money” is for “road opening” purposes. Well, people believe that an inferior spirit is not free to move across water. For example, a river has river guardian and a bridge has a bridge guardian. The only way to let the spirit pass through is to pay a toll fee with this flow money.


This also explains why during a traditional Chinese funeral procession, flow monies are thrown along the way. The throwing of flow money is not common in the western world as this type of action is treated as littering; majority of the Chinese community in Asia still continue to uphold this practice.


My purpose of this posting is not to introduce you with this seemingly littering practice, but to explore the magic of joss paper. It is a common practice to use this flow money to cure common skin illness:


·       Rub a piece of flow paper on skin ulcer and the ulcer can be cured in a few days.

·        Another recipe by Mr. Ong’s friend: rub a piece of joss paper on cracked heels and they will heel in a few days.


A very important aspect of this healing method is that the flow money must be collected on the road left over by the funeral procession. The purchase ones will not be effective.

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