Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Animal Instinct, Human Instinct Or Coincidence?

Mr. Ong dropped me a mail about animal instincts:


Once, I had a chance to visit our local turtle sanctuary with my Korean manager. We were told by an American researcher that some turtles were actually from distant overseas countries, including Philippine. We can tell by looking at a plate tagged on the turtle. They travel to Malaysia during a certain session yearly. My pet dog made noise right on 10 am, when it was time to bring it out for a walk. One day, I thought it was still early when sky looked dim. A look at the clock proofed my dog was an accurate time keeper.


When I first dropped the cat I told you last week, it ran to a certain direction that aimed back to my house. I was amazed to see it returned home with lots of noises around 4 am this morning, after wondering and struggling in a housing area for nearly 3 weeks.


May be they can tune in the magnetic field and time flow of our mother earth, they seem know the right direction and time. May be just their inborn instinct? May be you have some ideas how these things work out?


While I firmly believe that animals have amazing instincts; we human too have the same kind of abilities. Perhaps we have indulged in our modern electronic gadgets that have blunt our born capabilities, but let me assure you that with proper training, it is possible to regain our super instincts.


 Just to tell you a true story happened just a few nights before:


I was in Taiping on Monday, Perak and my 4 year old nephew wanted an ultraman doll so he gave me a call. I went to local night market to purchase one for him. After the purchase, all of a sudden and without any reason I got this urge to give my brother a call. It happened that my brother was also in a night market in Relau, Penang looking at the exactly same ultraman doll!!


Was it instinct or pure coincidence?


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