Thursday, July 18, 2013

Borrowing Money From Our Ancestor (借陰財)

I think those people who have borrow money from their friends and any other external resources would agree with me that the only persons who are more likely to give us money are our parents or even our grandparents.


Borrowing money from spirit is nothing new, but such money once obtained must be done for good course. The method is pretty simple:


When you are visiting your ancestor’s grave, bring along a piece of red cloth. First you should knell now in front of your ancestor’s grave and state your intention briefly and promised your ancestor that you will use the money for emergency and for good course only.


After that take a piece of dirt from the top of the grave and wrap it with the red cloth. Bring the packaged back to your house and then prick your thumb to draw a drop of your own blood onto the dirt; signifying you are from your ancestor’s bloodline. If you have an altar for worshipping your ancestors, then put the grave dirt on the altar to worship together.


You should routinely make offering to your ability including a pair of white candles and three pieces of joss sticks to your ancestor on the 7th, 14th and 24th day of every single month to the ancestor. After you have presented the offerings, you should kneel down in front of the grave dirt and ask for the ancestral spirit’s graceful help and protection.


Please do not forget to return the dirt to the grave and not throw it away after you have achieved your goal. Otherwise, what is given to you will fly away as well.

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