Friday, July 19, 2013

Staying In Haunted House (II)

For those people who have not seen a ghost before, they must be very eager to find out the true experience of coming face to face with one of this spiritual brother and sisters. I have many personal encounters with spirits about 20 odd years ago when I was still in college studying my engineering diploma in Ipoh.


For the ease of travelling, I rented an apartment just opposite my college. It was a three room apartment on the 4th floor of a building. At that time, I frequently felt heavy breathing with excessive exhaling of air between 11pm to 3am. It is a kind of difficult to describe the feeling then… it was as if a dreamy state but seemed a little hard to awake and open my eyes. My instinct told me that it was a red shirt lady spirit who liked to strangle my throat causing me to have difficulty in breathing and that I had to struggle for a fairly long time before the spirit satisfied and decided to leave me for the day. I often woke up with excessive palpitation.


To tell you the truth, I couldn’t really make out of its face, my impression was that it appeared to me as a bluffed figure; much like that of an out of focus photo. However, I can vividly remember it was wearing red gown but its face was without any features.


This ghost in red almost visited me everyday normally when I was about to fall into deep sleep. Gradually it also visited me during day time when I was having my afternoon nap. The spirit tormented me for about 6 months until I almost at the brink of nervous breakdown.


Seemed the luck was on my side: One of my distant relative known as Ah Pek who was a Taoist came to visit me. After he learnt of my ordeal, Ah Pek gave me 7 color threads and asked me to tie the threads onto my left wrist. After that he pulled three pieces of hairs from the top of my head and attached them onto the head of a paper manikin. The manikin was then plugged into a ceramic bowl filled with 5 types of beans. This assembly was then put in front of my bed, near to my head.


Ah Pek also put some old coins below my bed and asked me to reverse my sleep position: now my legs would be in my usual head’s position. Ah Pek also asked me not to recite any mantra and pretend business as usual. Soon it was my bed time and I followed Ah Pek’s advices 100%. Well, no harm trying don’t you think so? To my surprise that I slept soundly throughout the night, only felt someone was tickling my feet.


Ah Pek came and visited me the next morning for breakfast. He took a piece of red cloth and wrapped everything with it and then he took the threads on my wrist to tie the bundle. We decided to go to Ipoh old town to try out the ‘koay teao’ soup and when we passed the Kinta River, we threw the thing into the river.


It was interesting to know that the spirit never returned until my graduation day. It was my last night in Ipoh, and I sat in the balcony to chat with a few friends until past midnight. Once I have learnt that a friend of mine has similar experiences, I told him of this method. You will never believe what followed next… Then there came from distance a female voice screamed: “PERNG! DARE YOU REVEAL YOUR RITUAL!”


Now, do you believe my story?

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