Saturday, July 6, 2013

Taoist Round Light Ritual (圓光術)

An example of altar setup for round light ritual
Literally this is known as “round light ritual”, it is somewhat similar to the western crystal ball. However it has an edge that not only you can see the past and future events; you can also punish a robber or a culprit.


It is not difficult to perform this ritual but first you will need to set up an altar properly for this ritual shown as above.


First writhe the below talisman on a piece of yellow paper and burn it in front of your main door:




Now you should burn some incense and recite the below mantra three times:


奉請太上律令,猛烈銀牙漢帝封神土地精華, 開天門,開地戶,留人門,塞鬼路,穿鬼心,破鬼肚,吾奉太上老君急急如律令勒。


(I invite the supreme order, the fierce silver teeth, and the essence of earth god as bestowed by the Han emperor. I open the sky and earth gate, keeping the human gate but shutting the ghost gate. I penetrate the ghost heart and break the ghost stomach. I carry out the order of Tai Shang Lao Jun. As my will, so mote it be!)


After the mantra recitation, meditate and stare at the paper. You should gradually see a glow and in time a scene would appear on the paper.


Once you have learnt what you want to know, dismiss the spirits by saying the below:




(Gods return to shrines, the immortals return to Feng Lai.)


If you do try this ritual, please don’t be too serious about what you may see. Many massages are from the lower spiritual realms such as foxes, ghosts and earthbound spirits. The messages from spirits are most of the time half true and half lie. So be very careful about them.


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