Monday, July 1, 2013

Magic Believes Of Black Turmeric (Kunyit Hitam)

Curcuma Caesia with flower

Kaempferia Parviflora Wall with flower

There are two types of black turmeric plants available to our mortal human beings excluding those said to be originated from the spiritual world of course ;-)


·         Curcuma Caesia (Kali Haldi)

·         Kaempferia Parviflora Wall (Black Turmeric)


The Kali Haldi or the rizhomes of Curcuma Caesia is believed to be the reincarnation of goddess Kali and they are used in Kali worship rituals beside the actual herbal usages. It is the second type of black turmeric that is sought after and believed to possess magical powers amongst the Southeast Asian occult circles:


·         In some Vietnamese magic traditions, practitioners believe this type of turmeric can be trained like a Kumanthong and is the most powerful of all the ginger plants.

·         If you put the black turmeric flower in your wallet, you will not have monetary problems.

·         A black turmeric plant can shield its owner from black magic.

·         It is said that a black turmeric plant will give out the benzoic smell on Friday nights.

·         Black turmeric is said to be effective in curing all sorts of cancer.

·         It is forbidden to let the shadow of the edge of roof onto the black turmeric or it will lose its power.

Whatever type of turmeric you choose, you will need to get the name right I supposed.


  1. Mr Liew,

    The second type is called Galingale (English). Thnx for the sharing.

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  4. Kali Haldi is Back Turmeric ( circuma caesia) ( the first one). The second one is not Black is Galangale or Indian Crocus/ peacock ginger.I have the Black Turmeric plant and its roots..the flowers are deep pink.I was so interested in this plant that ultimately I did get it :) and yes..the root is not "black" has indigo hue.