Tuesday, July 2, 2013

A Taxi Driver’s Ghost Story

Mr. Chong was a taxi driver in Penang. He was a non believer about spirits until …


The incident happens somewhere in the middle of January, 2012.


It was around 11:30pm that Mr. Chong picked up a lady passenger near a cemetery in Bukit Jambul destined to a seaside mansion in Tanjung Bunga. Mr. Chong was very happy as he can earn more as the taxi charges will go higher after midnight. Added to that there was lesser traffic at night, it would be a swift drive. Mr. Chong reached the destination about 40 minutes later.


The lady was quite generous and gave Mr. Chong $100 and asked him to keep the change. Mr. Chong thought he was in luck to have fetched such a generous passenger and thanked the lady repeatedly and knocked off for the day.


Next morning when Mr. Chong picked up his wallet with the intention to give the extra money he earned the previous night to his wife; he found two pieces of half burnt “hell money” commonly used by the Chinese community as an offering to the spirits.


After the shocking discovery, Mr. Chong has fallen sick. His face turned pale and vomited some dirty substances. Gradually he lost consciousness and started to murmur some unknown language.


Mr. Chong’s wife consulted a few mediums and temples but Mr. Chong’s condition flips flops. This situation continued for a month or so until Mr. Chong’s father-in-law met me for coffee one morning. He gave me Mr. Chong’s date of birth and photo and asked me if I would help.


I did a simple calculation and asked the old gentleman to purchase some yellow joss paper to rub from Mr. Chong’s head to his toe a few times and then go to a cross road and burn the joss paper with some paper money.


A few days later, Mr. Chong’s in-law gave me a call. According to him, Mr. Chong has recovered after they have carried out the ritual. Now Mr Chong would keep a few pieces of this yellow joss paper in his car; but he will never return to his taxi driving profession again.


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