Tuesday, October 18, 2016

And She Became Lesbian (她成了同性恋)

Talking about spirits can change their hosts’ liking, I remembered an old case happened at the beginning of 90’s.

One evening, Mrs. Mah came to me with her side of the story:

Her daughter, Mei, Linda and Isabela were students about 16 years old then. All of them just completed their last exam paper and as none of them wished to return home as yet, the trio decided to visit a local recreational park to chat for their future as that might be their last gathering for a while. After they have walked for a round, they approached a cement bench under a huge banyan tree.

Suddenly, Mei suggested they play a game similar to Ouija board but it is a little crude. The only items required are: a coin, a piece of paper inscribed with alphabets A to Z and digits 0 to 9; and also two to three players. The players only need to use their middle or index fingers to press onto the coin and call something like: “Soul money, soul money are you there?” After some rounds of calling, the coin is said to move automatically. Questioning and answering sessions can begin as soon as the coin moves. That is indeed a simple game.

According to Mrs. Mah that during the Q&A session, a spirit known as ‘Mark’ joined in. It was said that this Mark has made themselves known to the girls during other game sessions… According to Mark, he died in a freak accident on the road in front of the girls’ school some time ago. The sprit said it was only 25 years old when the accident happened. Of course, none of the girls took the spirit seriously but strange things happened to Mei after she had returned to her house.

Since then, Mei started to act boyish and became a tomboy. Her voice also turned to male voice which is completely different from her normal daughter. Following Mei’s abrupt change, she started to self-talk and most of her words were senseless to Mrs. Mah. After a while, Mrs. Mah decided to send her daughter to see a doctor. According to the diagnostic, Mei was diagnosed as suffering mental depression and she was subsequently given medications.

After one months, Mei started to have her hair cut shot and wearing men’s clothing. Further, Mrs. Mah also found that Mei started to date other girls… apparently Mei has become a lesbian. Once, she found her daughter was in bed with another girl in her house!

That has certainly does it, so there she was, in front of me in my guru’s centre.

I dislike handling this type of cases because the spirits that possessed the persons playing Ouija board can be quite persistent and time consume to exorcise. After Mr. Mah begged for quite a while, I asked Mrs. Mah to bring 10 of Mei’s clothing and her blanket. After that my bros and sisters in dharma in the centre helped to inscribe the Sanskrit version of the Great Compassion Dharani onto the clothes and the blanket. In addition, I also gave Mrs. Mah some of the holy water empowered with Great Compassion Dharani meant to be given to Mei to drink.

I wasn’t too sure if the prescription worked for Mei but a week later, Mrs. Mah visited the centre again and she was happy that Mei’s has shown recovery: now she has thrown away all of her men’s clothing and she also stopped dating her girlfriend too.

Perhaps no one would play Ouija board these days. Possession cases caused by playing this game can be quite lasting, some can last for 10 years or so. Not only the possessed will be in a state of confused mind; their time also wasted when they could do more beneficial things. Hence it is my urge for everyone not even to touch Ouija board! In Mei’s case, she was simply lucky as I have expected the worse.

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