Monday, October 31, 2016

Sibu Haunted House (诗巫鬼屋)

I like to travel but the lodging cost already taken up most of my travelling budget. So, normally I would look for free or low cost room if I only stay for a few days; a house if my stay is longer. Fortunately speaking, I have many helpful friends; a place to sleep can always be arranged with a single phone call with a catch of course. The catch is that I cannot choose where I like to stay even the place is a little too spooky. Frankly speaking, it is not the ghosts that I am afraid of; but the thugs and personal safety. Having said so, I don’t enjoy to stay in a haunted house either because when a house is haunted, the Feng Shui of the house would also be bad also.

Once I visited Sibu for a week and called up a friend whose father owns a logging company. This friend of mine has a few empty houses served as worker’s quarters and he has generously emptied one of those houses for me with a caution: “This place is extremely haunted, stay at your own risk!” His warning actually intrigued me, so I pull him aside and demanded him to clarify his last statement. This guy just shrugged and veered at me while saying: “I will tell you when you pass the keys back to me… if you make it alive and in one piece… Ha! Ha! Ha!”

Having no choice as staying in a hotel would cost me $200 per day and it would be a lot of money if I had to stay for 7 days! So, I took up the challenge and moved into the house. The house was a wooden house with one kitchen, one bathroom cum toilet and two rooms. I stayed in one room of my choice and mind mine own business.

First few days were relatively peaceful perhaps I went out early in the morning and came back quite late. At times when I came back at night, I would hear noise of people taking shower in the toilet accompanied with Indonesian songs. I thought it might just be my pal’s Indonesian worker since this house I temporary sought shelter was meant for them to stay anyway.

One thing I disliked this guy was that he (my guess was that it must be a ‘he’ from his singing) liked to open my room door suddenly and shut it with a slam while I was sleeping soundly. The sudden bang startled me but I thought the guy probably got the wrong room in the dark. This person would also suddenly switch on my room light suddenly at night, sometimes he also purposely switched off the light while I was reading. Of course I paid no attention to those ‘mistakes’ as I thought I only want to have a peaceful stay in Sibu and not looking for quarrels.

7 days lapsed and I called up my pal to pick me up as I would be travelling to Kuching to meet up with my aunt. My pal came as promised and when I jumped into his truck, he looked at me with surprised and asked: “Did you notice anything unusual there?”

I responded as usual: “Oh, the place is fine… but it would be good that if you would inform me first when you let new worker staying in the house. I thought I have taken his room but he just went on with his business quietly and left me alone for the whole week…”

My pal looked surprised and said: “What did you say? I didn’t let anyone into the house except you… In fact, there was an Indonesian worker whose head was chopped off by his fellow roommates after he won some money during gambling. His murderers took the money and escaped but this poor man’s restless spirit remains in that house ever since. It has scared many tenants and no masters could get rid of it. Can you help to remove this ghost? I will pay for your service!”

I looked at him and shook my hands: “No way bro! I am afraid of ghosts… Ha! Ha! Ha!”

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