Sunday, October 16, 2016

From Stone Worships To Feng Shui (石头崇拜与风水)

According to my Japanese lady friend, there are many ghost stories related to stones. Japanese in general believe stones can be possessed by spirits. So, whenever kids brought some stones back from their camping trips; the parents would bring those stones to Shinto temples for spiritual cleansing. Of course, it is also feared that those stones may be contaminated by bacteria that could cause children to fall ill. Hence kids are normally forbidden to play with stones.

On the other hand, Chinese from Taiwan, Hong Kong and Malaysia worships stones in another way since ancient days. It is said that the 15th day of first lunar month is the birthday of stones. Whoever prays to the stone on this day shall be bestowed with good luck for that particular year. Amongst these Chinese communities, stones are also given many titles. For example: The Stone General (石将军), The Male Stone (石头公), The Female Stone (石头母), The Stone Buddha (石佛公), The Holy Stone Grandpa (石圣公) etc.

Normally, only stones of strange shapes are worshipped. It is said that normally these ‘holy’ stones would make their presence known either in dreams or through physical apparitions to residents of a place. When people believe a stone is a ‘keramat’ or spiritual, they start to ask for lucky numbers. In normal cases, when a stone worshipper is stuck with wind fall; he/she would donate part of the fortune to build a temple/shrine for the stone. We can see many of these temples in Taiwan and Penang. In Penang, there is one quite famous temple dedicated to stone near the jetty.

Other than bestowing lucky money, stones are normally worshipped on behalf of a child so that his/her skull could get stronger and he/she can grow healthier. Stones are believed to be able to prevent theft and nab robbers too… Still the same old words: “Believe it or not!”

Stones are bad stuffs in Feng Shui perspective for it may bring ill health or serious illness that may lead to death.

I had a visitor one night complaining her family members of having bad health starting the beginning of 2016. Upon enquiry, this lady has installed gigantic crystal structures inside her bedroom. I am not surprised at all as this year the flying star 2 drops onto the centre of the house and flying star 5 drops to the Southeast direction. So I would actually be surprised if the lady and her family are healthy throughout 2016! Just a fair warning to her wherever she is: if she does not remove the crystal structures from her bedroom; she may get cancer pretty soon!

According to Feng Shui rules of thumb, stones attract ‘sha’ or ‘killer chi’. It is best not to keep too many stones especially those of odd shapes with sharp edges ones inside a house or within one’s house compound. Since stones attract ‘sha’ and sharp edges caused the ‘sha’ to aggravate; whoever affected by this sha could suffer serious illness namely cancer. This condition also includes to whoever stays pretty near a granite mountain or wall. In modern terms, people believe stones would emit certain radiation which could be harmful to human health.

Traditionally Feng Shui masters would advise a person who keeps odd stones or minerals to keep fish. If the fish die very often, then something must be wrong with the house so that precautions can be taken.

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