Saturday, October 29, 2016

Strange Encounter At Huangshan (黄山奇遇记)

Ms Ng is a tour guide taking care of tour groups operating between China and Malaysia. According to Ms Ng, she had a very strange encounter when she led a Malaysian tour group to China and this particular incident occurred at Huang’shan, China many years ago.

During that time, Ms Ng and her group visited Huang’shan and they spent a night in a guest house there. After a day’s activity, Ms Ng naturally felt very tired and she hit the hay after taking a hot bath. She thought that since the next day the group would be going to Nan’jing (南京) early in the morning. So, she really needed the rest.

Somewhere in the middle of the night, Ms Ng was awakened by a series of loud bangs on her room door. She thought it was odd since no one would disturb her during this wee hour. Nevertheless, she shouted at the door just in case her group members needed some help. But after some shouting, no one answered her shouts; so she continued to sleep. At first, Ms Ng was sleeping facing a wall where another empty bed was located.

Suddenly, Ms Ng noticed three gentlemen wearing Zhong’shan costume (中山装) appeared on the wall. All of them were with hideous facial expressions but their complexions were also all greyish in colour. Ms Ng kept watching and she discovered that all of the gentlemen have no legs! There was a suitcase in the other bed opened up showing some old style machine guns like those of the old Shang’hai gangster movies.

Ms Ng was too afraid to wake up. So she pretended to be sleeping and she turned away from the wall and now she is facing the window.

As Ms Ng was pretending to sleep, she looked at the window and there she saw many ‘people’ entered into the room. There were old men and ladies, children, men and women all of them were as if refugees escaping some war. All in all, according to Ms Ng, what she saw that night was as if the scene of WWII in China. People started to speak to Ms Ng in a language that she couldn’t understand. They just talked and talked as if asking for help… The scene persisted until cock-a-doodle-doo was heard at dawn.

Ms Ng said that she couldn’t sleep throughout the night. As soon as she heard the cock-a-doodle-doo and the vanishing of those spooky scenes; she rushed out from her room and stayed in the guest room hall until day breaks. The next day, as Ms Ng’s group was travelling to Nan’jing; she met another of her colleague; Joy. Both of them chatted for a while and they parted according to their own itinerary.

Two weeks later, Ms Ng and Joy met at their office in George Town. Joy pulled Ms Ng aside and told her strange encounter during her stay in that guest house.

Apparently, Joy also stayed in Ms Ng’s room but her encounter was of other kind…

Joy said that she spept soundly after a day’s touring activity. At midnight, she heard some squeaking noise came from her luggage. Joy thought it was the mouse at work, so she switched on the desk light but found nothing. So, she continued to sleep and before long… the squeaking noise repeated again. And, again Joy switched on the light and found nothing odd. She decided to go to sleep again but after some time; the noise came again.

This time, Joy decided not to switch on the light but jumped up and went straight towards the source of the noise. There she saw, her luggage was moving to and fro by an invisible force. It was in fact the rolling noise of the wheels of Joy’s luggage!

Unlike Ms Ng, Joy didn’t have the courage to stay in her room for the rest of the night, she rushed out from her room and spent her night at the lobby.

Of course, both of the brave ladies still working as tour guides although they didn’t really enjoy those spooky encounters…

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