Friday, October 28, 2016

Magical Accomplishment Of All Wishes (诸愿任运成就)

This supplication is also known as ‘Sampa Lhundrubma’ written by Do Khyentse in view of the appearances of various emanations of Guru Padmasambhava in Jamyang Khyentse Wangpo Rinpoche’s meditative state to fulfil practitioners’ wishes. Hence, by chanting this supplication; one will automatically receive the blessings of the root guru himself. Many years ago, when I first involved in Thai magic and tormented by those seemingly uncontrollable wild spirits; I just sat with lotus posture and chant the below supplication. After a while the environment returned to peace ever since.

How amazing!

The union of the three gems, three roots and all compassionate auspicious great precious master,

He is the only place to seek refuge for those sentient beings of the end of era.

With lighting fast compassionate Guru Thogthrengtzal!

The great wrathful Guru Padma Heruka!

I pray earnestly with serious wish to supplicate to guru,

Send back all enemies, demons, dharma obstructers, magicians and obstacle creators,

Subdue all evil kings, she devils, ghosts and various demons;

Please bestow me so that all my wishes shall be magically accomplished!

Now I continue to chant this supplication every morning after my calling guru from a far (遥唤上师祈请颂) supplication. Both supplications are indispensable spiritual awakening songs for 3-Roots (三根本) practitioners'. I could feel the powerful echo of these supplications within my heart every time they are being chanted. This is a rare gem from the ‘terma’ (hidden treasure) tradition.

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