Monday, October 10, 2016

Babies Of Higashi-Shinjuku Station (新宿地铁的婴儿)

Those who has visited Tokyo must have also visited the Higashi-Shinjuku Station. Many tourists especially like the Shinjuku underground street because of lower item prices and that most of the shops concentrated to a place; which make shopping easier. Where the underground and the underpass met, some temporary storage safes are setup for tourists to safekeeping their belongings. The cost per use is not too expensive as it only costs 100~200 Yen per use until 11pm of that day. Beyond 11pm, all storage safes will be automatically unlocked for cleaning work.

Many people believe that some of these safe boxes are haunted by baby spirits because there was a spree of past incidents that dead abandoned babies found in these safe boxes.

As the story goes, one night when a cleaner was cleaning one of those safe boxes; he found a stiff and cold dead baby wrapped in a plastic bag in one of the boxes. After that, more dead babies continued to be found at nights and at the same time sightings of baby spirits started to be reported. News of dead babies and ghosts did scare away many of those potential customers but such news also attracted other types of enthusiasts. Many local paranormal enthusiasts chosen this place to do their research and many photos were taken. This place too was also the focus of some TV programs some time ago.

Some passer-by claimed to have heard voices of baby crying could be heard came out from these safe boxes and they could feel the surrounding became cold when they tried to approach the source of cries at night.  Yet some people said that they felt their coats were pulled by invisible forces and when they turned their back, they could feel a cold breeze and faintly in the air; disembodied laughing voices of baby giggling could be heard in the air.

My friend, Yuko said that she passed by the place one night and she could hear the sound of a ball bounced at her back. The sound of the bouncing ball seemed to have followed her from far to near as she could faintly deduce as the sound of the ball hitting onto the ground was getting louder by the bounds. At times Yuko did turn her back but she found nothing behind her and the stretch of passage behind her was in dead silent; of course no ball was also seen.

As Yuko came to a junction exiting the station, she felt something jumped onto her back but again; she found nothing when she used her left hand to brush her back…

Stranger thing happened when Yuko tried to flag a few taxis outside of the station. All of the taxies at first approached Yuko slowly at first but when those taxi drivers saw Yuko, they suddenly stepped onto their gas paddles and sped off. As it was approaching midnight, Yuko had no choice but to call her colleague to fetch her. Luckily her friend picked up the phone and Yuko waited.

Same as with the reactions of those taxi drivers but Yuko’s friend didn’t speed off. The car stopped after some hesitation and Yuko hopped into the car. None of them have spoken to each other and Yuko was too tired to notice anything. The car finally stopped in front of Yuko’s house and Yuko alighted. Before she wanted to thank her friend, this long silent friend finally blurred: “I hate to ask this… but who is the baby on your shoulder all this while?”

Before Yuko could make any sense of what her friend meant, and before she could bid ‘good night’; the car suddenly sped off.

According to Yuko, she felt immense headache on that night and she was subsequently bed reddened for a few days. I only got to know her story when she called me a week later to tell me her story. Of course, her first question was: Is the baby still on her back?

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