Sunday, October 16, 2016

Killer House Feng Shui (杀人屋的风水)

This type of house can be a silent killer.

The above diagram shows a real killer house that has taken the life of my friend, the late Mr. Chong.

Late Mr. Chong rented this house after his assignment in US about two years ago. Six months later, he was diagnosed with cancer. And after fighting with cancer for 18 months or so; he passed away. I got Chong’s news from a former colleague and visited him 3 days before his departure. I visited Mrs. Chong in their rented house where Chong’s body was temporary laid waiting for Taoist deliverance ritual. The landlady was also present at that time. According to the landlady, her former tenant, Mrs. Chong and herself also suffered from losing husband when staying in that particular house.

There is no need to open up a compass for rough analysis of this killer house; it wasn’t too polite to do so during someone’s funeral. Suffice to analysis the Feng Shui of this ill-fated house from its surrounding:

First of all, this house is located about 5 feet lower from the main road with the master bedroom facing the root of a huge tree. The root is seen extended all the way towards the foundation of the master bedroom. Cracks can be seen on the bedroom wall and apparently, the bedroom looks quite gloomy as sunlight is being blocked by the tree.

When a house is situated lower than the main road, the chi becomes stagnant and we call it as ‘blockage’. When blockage occurred, then it may result in health and financial issues pending to the direction of the blockage. Tall tree with extended root systems will definitely attract spirits to the bedroom. If we combined both of the factors, we could safely conclude that many spirits are trapped inside the house especially in the bedroom.

The house front door is facing the roof edge of the opposite door means injury to the tenant, in addition the curve of a road also facing the left side of the said house can be sure signs that whoever staying in this house will either get injured or being operated in hospital. The frequency of occurrence would depend on the direction of the road and roof edge. When three sides of the external have serious problems, we can again conclude that problems will arise in 9 years out of a 12-year-cycle. Since 75% of the time the house is bad, it is better not even to enter this house really!

According to the landlady’s words, three of the ladies became widows in that house. So, in Feng Shui term, this is definitely a widow house!

To complete the guessing work, this house should be a 6th period house facing north with flying star 2 in front.

So, with basic Feng Shui knowledge, we can quickly deduce if a house is good or bad. My advice is not to dwell in a house with any of the above signs no matter how cheap or reasonable the rental is!

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