Sunday, October 30, 2016

Magician Codes Of Ethic (术士道德规范)

I don’t have too many things to post, since not many people mentioned about the magician’s codes of ethic; perhaps I just mention a little about it.

All magicians, white or black; are bound by a set of codes of ethics. Without this codes of ethic, a sorcerer may overdo his/her magic which will hurt his/her fortune and lifespan. According to I Ching, any harmful magic cast should not be over 7 day’s period. This is in accordance to the ‘returning’ (复卦) reading of I Ching. So, after 7 day’s period the sorcerer should hands off any curses and then let the nature take its course. This applies to love magic too.

If a victim of black magic dies within 7 days, then it is because of his/her fate. Likewise, if this victim recovers, then it is because of his or his ancestors’ merits that saved him/her. Similarly speaking, if a lady/gentleman is charmed by love magic; then this person has 7 days to persuade the lady/gentleman to continue with his/her relationship. So said, a man must be able to sustain the livelihood of his family. Otherwise, the love magic cannot work. Obviously, it brings no benefit to the men but to add on to his financial burden if he already finds difficulty in sustaining his own life.

We must bear in mind that love magic only acts as a temporary magnet to attract our target, we really must still have the ability to take care of whoever comes into our life.

I have seen a paranormal program where a Thai master boastfully said: “I only want money to kill anyone including my own father!”

Perhaps it is for the sensation effect, but no one would proclaim as such because such proclamation is against the codes of ethic of Thai culture; hence Thai magic: parents are revered same as one’s teacher. So, apparently this master is not an authentic Thai magician.

When I started learning Mao’shan Taoist magic with my Taoist master. We were asked to capture a spirit which tormented a house in Ipoh. As soon as this spirit was captured into an earth urn; my master asked me to close the urn mouth with a piece of yellow cloth. Bewildered with his instruction, I asked:

“Why do you ask me to seal the mouth with a piece of cloth? Shouldn’t I use the original ceramic cover? The spirit will escape once the cloth is decayed very soon…”

“Well, we don’t have the right to imprison this spirit for too long. After all, we don’t know its karmic relationship with the house owner…” Answered my master.

So you see, it is unethical to bind a spirit for too long.

Along the same matter, real magic combat will never happen in real life situation because as soon as a curse or black magic is successfully cast; a sorcerer would perform another ritual to divert any attempt to detect the source of this magic. In another words, any counter magic by any opponent will fall into void. At this point, it is really up to the opponent sorcerer to heal the victim; or if the victim’s ancestors had accumulated enough merits, then he/she will recover automatically.

Naturally, no one would reveal what I have just said. Since I think the codes of ethic is an important and mostly neglected topic; perhaps the magic lovers care to take a note. To others, at least you understand how traditional magician works.

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