Sunday, October 23, 2016

The 6th Sense Aunty (第六感大婶)

I got to know Madam Lee in an old folks home in Penang Island. She is about 86 years old now though she is still healthy, she has difficulties in walking. So, for most of the time; Madam Lee would be found in her wheelchair. When my Buddhist centre is doing charity work for this old folk’s home, I would also take time to see Madam Lee and chat with her. The old lady can really talk, every time I would spend about 2~3 hours chatting with her. Since it took a long time, at times; I would consciously avoid meeting her.

Maybe because no one in the old folk’s home likes to talk to Madam Lee, she always feels lonely and she would just grab any passer-by to talk. In case you wonder, there is nothing wrong with Madam Lee’s mentality; the only thing if I want to pick is that she seemed to have 6th sense and normally what she dreamed would come true. Unfortunately speaking, only those unlucky ones…

One time, Madam Lee told another tenant, Madam Tan that she saw Madam Tan’s daughter went into a grave. And Madam Tan was seen to be crying in front of her daughter’s grave… Unfortunately, two weeks later; Madam Tan’s daughter met with an accident and died. Madam Lee’s dream came true and of course; no one was grateful of Madam Lee for obvious reasons.

Then a few months later, Madam Lee told another tenant; Madam Yong that her husband who was staying with their son in UK suddenly wept and he wanted to return to Madam Yong’s side. And a few weeks later; Madam Yong’s husband suffered heart attack and died. His body was then sent back to Penang for burial service. Again; Madam Lee’s dream came true…

So as you can see, Madam Lee has become someone not so popular in the old folk’s home. Every time she wanted to tell me what she dreamed last night; I would just stop her and tell her: “Whatever it might be, it shall be good! Thank you Madam Lee.”

Stopping the old lady from talking might be cruel, but I do hope that she could understand that no one wish to listen to bad news. It would probably do Madam Lee herself more good if she could just pray for the well beings of those people who came into her dreams; which would make her more popular too.

This is the reason why I do not like to predict on other’s future lately. Sometimes, it is best not to know one’s future if nothing can be done to change it. After all, whatever will be; will be!

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