Monday, October 10, 2016

Difficult To Let Go (难放手)

Many people dropped me a line asking me to help. They hoped that I can solve their problems in a jiffy. But… they are wrong.

It is difficult to help anyone with spirit possession issues for a very simple reason: both of the spirits and human might already become dependent to each other.

I have a spirit medium friend, Lam who is also known as ‘tangki’ amongst local Chinese communities. Lam claimed to be the medium of ‘guanyim ma’ (mother Avalokitesvara) and when he was possessed by ‘guanyim ma’, he could possess certain magical power to help those in need. Of course, in theoretical Buddhism; ‘guanyim ma’ is only a manifestation of our human mind. In another words, this ‘guanyim ma’ has never existed. So, it is clear that the true identity of the spirit that possesses Lam’s body is questionable.

About a decade ago, my guru Rinpoche came to Penang and Lam visited him. When Lam saw the Rinpoche, he shivered. Or perhaps should I say that it was the spirit that possessed his body that has shivered.

The Rinpoche wanted to remove the spirit ‘guanyim ma’ but Lam declined to be helped because he said: “The guanyim ma gives me power to exorcise evil spirits and to perform miracles. If this guanyim ma is taken away; it would be difficult for me to earn a living and also to gain respects…”

So the Rinpoche added: “Do you wish that your wife sleeps with a wandering spirit? That also means that you would be sharing your wife with others too?”

Lam followed: “But that is guanyim ma!”

Since Lam insisted to keep the spirit in his body, the conversation between Lam and the Rinpoche yielded no result.

Three days later, Lam suddenly asked me to bring him to the Rinpoche as he wanted to practise the right dharma for some reasons.

After some dharma talk by Rinpoche, Lam’s guanyim ma was exorcised…

A few weeks later, I met Lam in a coffee shop downtown and he looked very unhappy. So I approached Lam and asked: “Are you okay?”

Lam said: “I missed my guanyim ma…”

One month later, I saw Lam back in action in a local Taoist temple possessed by his old ‘guanyim ma’. Looks like by continuous thinking of this guanyim ma too will summon back it wherever it might be. Maybe Lam is willing to share his wife with this spirit of unknown origin for the rest of his life… and he is not too bother with this. Since with power, respect and money; who cares if the ‘guanyim ma’ is authentic or not. Or it really doesn’t matter if the spirit sleeps together with his wife in that matter…

I just want to put the record straight that if ‘guanyim ma’ does exit and it is what it means to be; then no spirit of higher order would possess an ordinary person for any reasons. It would conversely sound odd that if someone claimed to be possessed by Archangel Michael.

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  1. I believe indeed there is a fake spirit possess into a medium in trance. As i have a neighbour who actively in trance of yin deities (tuadiyapek). However, i dont think it is the genuine yin deity possess into his body as whenever possess during consultation period the medium in trance does not drink and smoke which is oppose to the nature of the both white and black yin deity. Simultaneously, the medium will hide in the house never step out while the main door always shut by not letting passer-by to have a look. Always the house in dark and gloomy during day and night even when there is no consultation. Besides that, the medium always persuade neighbours and friends to bring their kids and babies to pray his yin gods so that can get good blessing. What i observe so far, the behaviour of the medium in trance is not the same as the one in temple as we always can see. I do believe the spirit possess is his own ghost spirit that keep in his yin tuapek dipek statue. As many times when he passes by front of my house either in trance or conscious he will speedy walk past my house. Perhaps due to i am praying to zhang gong shen jun which is famous in subdue demon, devil, and evil spirit. He is afraid to have face to face encounter.