Wednesday, October 12, 2016

One Four Five Three (实死无生)

There are many methods to get lucky numbers. One can write some digits on paper shreds and then pick one randomly until the required number of digit is met. Or one can also consult the spiritual world to get said to be lucky numbers. Generally speaking, gamblers believe that the fiercer a spirit is; the more accurate the numbers are. But there is also a price to pay too if those requestors realised what they are asking of course.

Years ago, Liao and May were married couples and they owned a double story building where the ground floor was the minimarket and they lived on the 1st floor. The family was considered to be quite well-to-do in small town Kati, Kuala Kangsar. That was before the opening of a supermarket in Kuala Kangsar town.

After the supermarket opened for business, the couple’s business declined tremendously until so much so that they were facing with cash flow problems. As usual, the easiest way to solve cash flow issues is to get additional funding. For small business, the easiest way is to borrow from a loan shark or ‘ah long’ as the locals like to call them. Commercial banks required too much paperwork and the approval process would be too long to wait.

So Liao start to borrow from these loan sharks, first time $10k and later $100k; before long the accumulated debt already reached half a million dollars. That was a big sum even at today’s standard.

One night after dinner, Liao said to Mary: “It is no way for me to repay half a million to ah long. My only bet is to sell the shop and bet on 4D lucky numbers in the hope to get a wind fall… I heard the Datuk Hitam spirit in Hassan’s oil palm plantation can give very accurate prediction. I want to give it a try and bet big for once!”

At first Mary disagreed but she too could not think of a way to get that sum of money. So reluctantly she agreed to her husband’s suggestion.

The couples went to a medium and made an appointment to visit an anthill located in Hassan’s plantation at midnight.

At the designated time, the couple and the medium was in front of the anthill. After the medium burnt some ‘kemayan’ (benzoin) he started to fall into trance…

A few minutes later, roaring sound came from the medium’s throat: “Roar…. Roar… Roar!! Who disturbs me!?”

On hearing the words, Liao and Mary kneeled down and said: “Datuk Hitam, we need your help to give us lucky numbers!”

The medium now turned Datuk Hitam replied: “Roar… Roar… I can give you a sure come out number, but what can you give me in return?”

Liao said: “I can give you curry mutton with yellow sticky rice…”

Datuk Hitam: “Roar… Roar… No. I have not eaten human meat for a very long time! I want one of you and you decide which one amongst you! Otherwise I will pick myself!”

Before the couple can discuss, Datuk Hitam said: “Roar… Roar… I give you 1453; take it or leave it!”

Right after the spirit uttered the number, it left the medium’s body. The trio returned to their own home and rested for the night.

At the couple’s place, they argued through the night but finally decided to go ahead with the plan of betting on 1453 with their available money first thing in the morning. After all, none of them believed that the warning of the spirit can come true. And they waited eagerly throughout the day as the result will be announced in the evening.

Time did fly, soon it was evening and after dinner, Liao sent Mary to get the results while he waited impatiently on the balcony. He just could not raise enough courage to see the result himself. An hour passed, and Mary returned. As she has forgotten to bring the house key; she stood in front of the shop and at the same time start yelling and waving her hands at her husband who was waiting at the balcony: “Hey! Open the door!”

Suddenly, there was a loud bang and Liao fell down from the balcony. Mary immediately ran to her husband and propped his head with her hands: “We got the 1st prize! It is 1453!”

With very faint voice, Liao replied: “I saw you waved your hands! I thought we had lost all of our money!!”

After mentioning the last words, Liao’s head stooped and died.

Mary became insane ever since her husband’s death. Villagers said the Datuk Hitam spirit had kept its promise; it gave the fortune and it too taken a life. The number 14-5-3 actually meant ‘sure die and no chance to survive’.


  1. Based on prevous 4d history, 1453 never open 1st prize before neither toto,magnum nor kuda. The highest prize opened before was just a 3rd prize in magnum and was long long ago.

    1. As I can remember... the story was more than 50++ years old. Far beyond any computer has ever existed. So just treat that as a story bro! Don't be too serious!Hahaha!