Monday, October 31, 2016

Love Magic And Scam (爱情术与骗子)

Many people are mesmerized by love magic and yet there are very rarely discussed about openly. Amongst many magical schools, the Thai love magical rituals may be one of the most bizarre and much talked about. There are magical oils, creams, talismans, amulets and statues etc. Amongst those items, ‘corpse oil’, ‘nam man prai’ or’ minyak dagu’ tops the list. The other more popular worshipped love magic idol is the Phra Ngan, the red eyed Casanova. If you want to know more, just drop yourself into one of those Thai amulet shops and you shall be lost in the dazzling world of love magic…

Of course, nowadays, people don’t really care about which form of love magic they practised. Instead of seeking love magic, perhaps a more appropriate term I would use is the ‘lust magic’. Well, we all know what men are hunting for with love magic really. A magician would always boast about how effective his/her love potion is but are those love magic that powerful as claimed? Can a love magic formula bring two strangers together and fall in love?

Not really. I am speaking as a practitioner of Thai and Taoist magic that any love magic could only make a person temporary attracted to another person; and that is all to it. The rest of the work would be shouldered by the person’s own ‘perception’. The real magic I would return to the 4 magical C’s: cars, cash, career and condominium, and of course, a looking body!

For example:

Malaysian ladies were and still are being cheated millions of dollars every year by intranet love scam operators whom they had never met before! The operators only need some handsome faces and a lot of sweet talks to fish out those hard earn money from those ‘love seeking’ women. In fact, these women are actually ‘defeated’ by their own ‘perceptions’: the dream of a promising future with a handsome guy.

Coming back to love magic, the effect of love magic is actually used as a temporary aid by playboys or playgirls to attract their targets. In reality, these playboys/girls would disguise as someone rich, handsome/pretty with a lot of cash. The victims after being attracted by love magic, and then reinforced by their own perceptions; would eventually become the playboys’/girls’ die hard lover. When their relationships turned intimate, other form of means would be used to bind those unwary victims: drugs, intimate pictures, personal secrets or even money.

As I was told by a professional playboy, nowadays; love magic is already outdated. It is actually the making use of a combination of deceptions and perceptions and threatening to trap victims so that they abide by the orders of unscrupulous folks.

Maybe now you would have a second thought about love magic…

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