Thursday, October 20, 2016

Complaints From The Grave (从坟墓来的投诉)

The original purpose of choosing a grave with good Feng Shui is to ensure our forefathers can rest-in-peace; which is really contrary to the general thoughts of gaining fortune and fame for ourselves. This is in fact in accordance with what the Confucius had taught us. Well, one thing for sure, if our ancestors failed to rest in peace; then they will send us a message from the graves.

One day, Sabrina came to my place with some complaints. From the first look, Sabrina looks like a modern female professional and the first impression I got from here when I opened my door was that “this lady must have gotten the wrong address”. Before I have the opportunity to open my mouth, Sabrina said: “Are you Mr. Liew? I need to consult you about my recent problems.”

After making sure that this modern looking lady got the correct location, I let her in but cautioned her that my place might be of “less than ideal for a lady” to come in. You see, I hate impromptu visitors as my things are all over my house. I would not want to be responsible if anyone tripped and fall in my place for sure.

As Sabrina entered my house, I hurriedly cleared a chair and let her sit a little more comfortably while I stood opposite her. After some ice-breaking conversations, Sabrina started to introduce herself:

“I am an engineer graduated from a university of science of technology from USA. The reason I call on you is about a series of our problems that made us think that there might be something wrong with us. My brother who is still studying in US, me and my two brothers are suffering migraine. At the same time, we all feel cold as if we are soaked wet. We couldn’t sleep well and most of all; all of us dreamed of our grandparents at night repeatedly. Not to mention that we are experiencing pretty bad luck too.

Our late grandparents always complaint about their house is flooded by water and they are soaked… Then we all saw the same scene: both of my grandparents started to bloat and decay until we suddenly awakened and found we were also soaked with our own cold sweat.

My parents don’t believe all those things are significant but I need a second opinion. Can you decipher what is the hidden message behind these incidents?”

After hearing what Sabrina had to say, my respond is simple:

“I think your problems has something to do with your grandparent’s grave. Can you send someone to have a look? You might want transfer the graves to other location but unless we really dig up the grave; there is no way to tell…”

Sabrina said the grave is located in Sungai Petani and she would need to consult her parents and other elders first before a final decision.

I told Sabrina that she could ask anyone to do the job for I am not too interested in touching other’s ancestral grave; and I sent Sabrina off. You see, it is a big issue if a family’s ancestral grave need to be exhumed; there are many party involved. If the case is not being handled carefully, fights may result. So, I rather not earn this type of money.

Two weeks later, Sabrina called me. She said her parents had agreed to dig up their grandparents’ grave after consulting their own Feng Shui master; but Sabrina insisted I to supervise the work and inform her of the outcome. As we were talking, Sabrina was about to fly to Hong Kong for a business deal.

On the agreed day, I joined Sabrina’s parents and their master to proceed to the graveyard.

The said graveyard is located at the foot of a slope. When we arrived, the grave was already submerged in about a foot of mud water perhaps due to recent rain and overflowing of river. Since the place is relative low compared to the surrounding, it has become a water catchment.

It is obvious now that there is no need even to exhume the grave. The next step naturally would be to transfer the remains to other locations; which I let Sabrina’s family make the decision.

While I cannot be sure if the dead would complaint in the West, but if they do; please don’t forsake their pleads or troubles may arrive very soon…

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