Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Movie That Never Screened (未上银幕的电影)

Naturally, there are many movies made but due to many reasons; they could not make it to the big silver screen. One of these movies is the story concerning 9-tailed-fox spirit. The reason as told by my Hong Kong friend who was once active in movie industry was that 6 of the movie crews were killed throughout the making of this particular movie. Rumour has it that the death of movie crews was attributed to the doings of the 9-tailed-fox spirit because it didn’t like its story to be viewed in public; of course we may not know the truth behind such claim. Whatever reason that might be, the deaths did put a halt on similar movies being produced in Hong Kong film industry.

Let us flashed back to early 90’s. As I was told; a famous movie company of that time wanted to jump on the bandwagon of ghost fevers to bag a fortune. So, the company gathered a group of movie crews to make the movie possible in the shortest possible time. A scrip writer was hired to write scripts, a director was hired to manage the filming of the movie, camera teams were assembled and potential actors and actresses were also identified. It looks everything was a go-go-go until…

First, the script writer was found dead while writing the movie scripts in his house. The autopsy result showed that the cause of death of this unfortunate gentleman was due to alcohol intoxication. Strange thing was that; everyone thought this script writer never drinks alcohol. Since the movie script was half done, another writer was asked to complete the task. This incident has put a considerable delay in the movie shooting.

So, in order to make up for time lost; the filming director was eager to start shooting. This said director worked extra hard and overtime to see through all the movie shooting details. Late one night, the director exited the filming company just past midnight with his new car. As his car passed through a stretch of downhill curve which was just another 10 minutes’ drive from his house; the director’s car lost control and rammed into a truck coming from the opposite direction. He suffered from serious head injury and after struggling in the hospital for a week or so; he too kicked the bucket.

Now, with two persons related to this fox spirit movie killed; there were some noises wanting the movie company to reconsider about making such movie. After some considerations, since money was already invested; they decided to press on. After all, no one believes in supernatural stuffs anyway.

So said, another film director was hired to replace the deceased. Now that the movie shooting schedule has delayed twice, the filming crews were under tremendous pressure to execute their tasks flawlessly. They couldn’t make another mistakes again.

Maybe it was due to sheer pressure, the camera man got drunk in a local pub and he eventually started a quarrel with a gangster. A fight then entailed and this camera man was seriously hurt when a bear bottle struck his head. This poor man was hospitalised but later pronounced brain death due to some reasons.

With three deaths on record, naturally the filming crews were afraid. But the management thought the latest death was another coincident and to answer to the investors; the filming has to go on. Very quickly, a new camera man was hired and business was as usual.

Somewhere in the middle of the film making, movie shooting must be done outside of the company. The place was at a hill top at the outskirt of Hong Kong and the shooting proceeded until night falls. With tired bodies, the crews tugged themselves into two company vans; each with about 10 passengers. The weather was pretty bad as heavy rain started to pour. Just as one of the vans was negotiating a sharp bend, it skidded and rammed upside down into a deep drain.

A rescue team was quickly dispatched and one actor and two actresses were found to have succumbed due to serious injuries and drowning; as the drain was practically filled with rain water at that time.

Now that 6 lives were lost, whether if it was due to coincidences or supernatural causes; the movie company had to make a decision to pacify those rumours spread like wildfires. The decision then was to temporarily halt this movie production until a more suitable timing. I was told that this movie was never revived until today. I guessed the 9-tailed-fox spirit finally won the battle against human kind and its secret is safe for now!

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