Monday, October 17, 2016

Spirits Affect Liking (鬼魂影响爱好)

It is no news if I say that a person’s liking changes when he/she is possessed by one or many spirits. This view is also agreed by many of the spirit mediums in the West. People also believe that workaholic, womanizing, alcoholic etc. are also works of spirits that possessed a person. If a person is possessed by multiple spirits (which is possible), then the most powerful character will dominate the person’s preference followed by weaker ones when the dominant one is not so active. However, there are some other reasons affecting one’s tastes and that calls for more detailed research.

A not so familiar friend, Rebecca called me one day asking me to perform a Feng Audit on her house in Ipoh, she suspected that her house was haunted. So, we made an appointment and I dropped by her place as promised. Rebecca was staying in a single story terrace house near Ipoh Jaya Jusco. She just inhereted from her late husband recently.

So said, I was at Rebecca’s place first taking the house facing direction with my compass both inside and outside of the house. As I found the compass needle swung more than 450: the inside reading was south, while the reading taken from outside was southwest. In this case, the house direction is determined as ‘uncertain’; the other way of finding out the house direction is either using a gyro compass or from the house architectural plan. The swing of compass needle of more than 45 degrees is a norm nowadays, and there can are a few reasons: first, modern houses power cables are mostly running underground with more powerful 3-phases cables (415V in Malaysia). Naturally, with higher voltage and amperage; the resultant magnetic force is much higher than the old single-phase supply.

Second, my compass was indeed faulty.

Third, there is a spirit in the house.

Before I proceed with my Feng Shui audit, I asked Rebecca if she had felt anything unusual about the house. And almost immediately, Rebecca pointed her finger at her 3-year-old daughter and said:

“She is the reason I called you. This young lady is not behaving normal ever since we moved into this house. In my previous house, she like to craw all over the house until I have to put her in a baby cage… And in that old house too she wouldn’t mind to sleep alone. Now, my daughter like to cuddle with me in my bed at night and she started to have a liking to ‘read’ newspaper; especially concerning the property market and advertisement… Occasionally, she would say ‘good buy’ or perhaps ‘good bye’…”

After hearing Rebecca’s complaint, I asked Rebecca to fetch her daughter so that I could have a closer look. So, Rebecca called her maid to bring the young girl to me. As soon as the little girl was brought to me, Rebecca said: “Come, greet uncle…”

As I was observing the small girl, she was quite reluctant to look into my eyes; I thought perhaps she was shy. After her mother half coax and half scold her daughter, the little girl finally raised her head reluctantly. Just as when my eyes and the little girl’s eyes met, I got a very strange impression that I was looking at the eyes of a middle aged man, about 50 years old.

As soon as we had made eye contact, the little girl struggled off my grips and ran into the bed room. Rebecca smiled with an apological gesture and it was my turn to speak:

“I noticed there is a layer of red aura from your forehead to your hose, that means you will have some fortune soon. Since I didn’t notice anything evil around, I would conclude that everything is okay. But can you bring your daughter to me again, I will teach her a simple song and she shall be returned to normal soon…”

Hearing what I had said, Rebecca looked a little relief and she again fetched her young daughter to me. I put my right hand on the little girl’s head and asked her to sing with me:

“Hey, listen… you must go, follow me. Phat! Phat! Phat!”

After the little girl muttered some words, I let her go off. This time this young lady jumped straight onto her mom’s laps instead of going into her bed.

Rebecca was curious and asked: “Would she be alright? I am worry sick about her odd behaviour.”

“She will be her normal self again. I saw a middle aged man in her eyes; do you know anyone like that?” I asked curiously.

Rebecca replied: “Oh, the only person I can think of was my late husband. He was a property developer and I inherited this house after his death. We quarrelled a year before and we stayed in separate houses since. He stayed in this house and I was in my previous house. Now that he has passed away, I moved in…”

At this point, I already have a conclusion. Before I make my move, I said to Rebecca:

“Your daughter was possessed by your husband’s soul hence she liked to ‘sleep’ with you. Since he was a property developer, he must have some ‘good buys’ eyed in the newspaper. Do go over what your daughter had scribbled. Maybe you will have a fortune…”

Three months later, Rebecca rang me and she said:

“You are right! My daughter has returned to herself again. Now she no longer wants to sleep with me and I bought a $300k house according to the ‘good buy’ pick and sold it with $500k; and made a profit enough for my daughter’s education!”

I was happy to hear Rebecca’s windfall. However, I had to send her husband’s soul to the other side because a dead soul should not stay with the living for too long or negative effects would follow very soon. So, it is shown that a person’s liking is influenced by spirits possessing him/her; although the above example is a little extreme.

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