Friday, October 14, 2016

Some Undesired Bonus (不需的礼物)

In old days, people who wanted to build houses would not dare to offend the artisans for fear that these craftsmen may do hanky-panky to the house. By hanky-panky I mean small magic tricks that may bring harm to the new owner. Of course, when these craftsmen felt that the owner has treated them well; they too can do some tricks to make the new household prosper. In China, this sort of magic is collectively known as ‘Luban’ magic (鲁班术). I have not known if this type of tricks is also being practiced outside the Chinese community until a Thai archan (master) told me a real incident; perhaps this is the first record of such practice made public.

A few years ago, a HK DJ from a radio station was assigned to Bangkok as expatriate and she moved there with her husband and son. They bought a 2,000 square feet apartment just outskirt of the cosmopolitan city. Naturally with new property purchase; the couple wanted to make their new apartment as beautiful and perfect as possible. So, they engaged a local building contractor to do the renovation work. Unfortunately, this HK couple is a very picky one so naturally they critical character has offended the local craftsmen and resulted in many conflicts.

Finally, after some struggles and work delayed, the HK couple’s home sweet home was ready. Before the couple could hold a house warming party to celebrate, as soon as they moved into the new apartment; strange things started to happen.

First it was the DJ’s 3-year-old son refused to sleep alone in his room and always barged himself into his parent’s bed in the middle of the night. This boy used to be quite independent as he would sleep alone in his HK home. Later, the kid became very accident prone and he would suddenly trip and fall for no apparent reasons. Upon enquiry, the boy’s answer would always be that ‘someone’ pushed him from behind. Of course, his scientifically minded parents wouldn’t believe such nonsense. Then, things gone to the worse and the boy’s health deteriorated and he was being hospitalised. Again, the good docs couldn’t find the root cause and attributed the boy’s sickness was due to malnutrition.

Although the DJ has moved to Bangkok, she was required to travel between the two places. Once she returned to her apartment in Bangkok and it was near midnight. Just as when she opened the main door and her right foot was just stepped in; she suddenly raised her head and looked at the ceiling. To her horror, there she saw the faces of a few kids giggling at her. A sense of chillness raised from her spine and her feet became frozen solid. Perhaps after a few seconds or so, she started to shriek hysterically until her husband came out of the master room. At this point, the apparitions the DJ saw has faded.

None of them could sleep for that night so they just sat in the living room until day breaks. After some searches, the DJ couple came to the master and in a trance state; the lersi spirit that possessed the master found the problem. Apparently one of the craftsmen who had mixed some cremation ashes with cement and this cement was used to paste onto the walls of the apartment.

Indirectly speaking, the craftsman has given some kid spirits (kumanthong) to the DJ couple without their notice. And when these kid spirits are not fed and worshipped; they started to create trouble. Since the kid was the weakest in the family, he was the target to be bullied.

As far as I know, the couple decided to return to HK and sold their apartment for good. It would be virtually impossible to remove the kid spirits unless the owner is willing to remove all of the contaminated cement from the apartment; that means another huge investment for a potential owner. So, moving away is the cheapest option…

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