Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Black Cats Are Evil (邪恶的黑猫)

Black cats are important ingredients in eastern and western magic circles.

In the West, black cats are always depicted as companions of evil witches.

In the East, black cat blood is used to break the protective magic of an opponent. Some Indian and Javanese magicians believe that certain bone of a black cat can bestow the power of invisibility. Anyone who wishes to be invisible, then he/she can find a set of black cat bones and test them out piece by piece.

Personally, I think black cats are evil.

During a new year eve, I was driving on trunk road from Taiping to Sungai Siput with full load of relatives. Just as when my car passed through the section of Bukit Gantang, a black cat suddenly ran into the middle of the road and squatted there staring into my eyes. I was about to ram over the black cat until the lady passenger screamed “STOP!”

I had to step onto the brake paddle and the car suddenly came to an emergency stop. Another car that was following closely at my back just had a split second to sway away from kissing my back. If it wasn’t the lady passenger who had over acted regardless of the safety of the whole car; I would have run over the cat. It is not that I was not compassionate about the cat, it was the safety that I was concerned about. So, from then onwards, I dislike taking passengers.

Coming back to the moment when I looked into the eyes of that black cat, I could sense there was evil in its eyes. Further, that section of trunk road was thought to be haunted in the evening. Perhaps the black cat was the pet of some mountain spirit nearby. Since then I would rather take the highway when I had to travel in the evening.

You could perhaps say that I was lucky, but my pal; Eric was not so lucky…

Eric owns a bakery in Simpang Empat and he normally drives his small truck with full load of pre-ordered cakes to his customers in Ipoh and beyond.

One evening as Eric was driving pass through that road section at Bukit Gantang, he heard a sharp meow came from beneath the front wheel. Due to curiosity, he parked his truck on the roadside and went down to investigate.

There Eric saw, a black creature was lying lifelessly in a pool of blood on the road about 50 yards away. I know Eric, he is not those superstitious and timid folks but he claimed that for the first time in his life; he felt scared after running over a black cat.

On the night Eric reached home, he had high fever and subsequently became insane. Eric was normally gentle but that night he suddenly turned violent and his wife was so scared that she asked a few workers to tie Eric in the bed and then sought medical help.

A few days later, Eric was discharged from the hospital. Since then he had acted very strangely for Eric would go out in the evening and returned home at dawn usually with one or two stray cats. Gradually Eric’s house and bakery were filled with stray cats. His wife was at the brink of nervous breakdown then until she remembered that a Tibetan Rinpoche was in town.

After hearing Eric’s ordeal, he then told Eric’s wife that Eric was possessed by a black cat. The Rinpoche would send my bro-in-dharma, Mr. Yong to assist as he would be travelling to KL the next morning. The master further cautioned that black cats have very strong spiritual power so Young must use fire ritual to overcome the cat’s hatred.

Eric was half coax and half dragged to the dharma centre in town where a pacifying fire ritual was held. There I saw Eric gave out a few loud meows and then collapsed onto the ground. When he finally being revived, he told us his story but he couldn’t remember of bringing cats into his premises.

If you ask, I would still run over any black cats that run to the middle of the road for safety reasons!

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