Saturday, October 22, 2016

The Boxer And His Night Intruder (拳师对不速客)

Ah Huat was a boxing coach now turned hawker and this incident happened to him when he was working in KL. He told me his strange encounter when I invited him for a cup of coffee in downtown Penang.

In the 80’s, Ah Huat was teaching boxing in KL and he rented a flat in the metropolitan city so that he could live near where he worked. A month later, his wife came from Penang and stayed with him during that period.

After staying in the flat for a month or so, Ah Huat started to experience hag-ride at night. He was nowhere superstitious or afraid of supernatural things. At first, Ah Huat thought it was his sleeping posture that has caused bad circulation and temporary immobility of his body. One night, in a half-awakened state; he saw a silhouette of a man about 6 feet tall entered his bedroom through the window.

At first it was just the left foot visible, then the right foot and the whole body. As soon as the whole body of the night intruder is visible; the man glided straight to Ah Huat and then jumped onto his body. It was precisely at this point that Ah Huat felt a pressure on his chest. And almost immediately his felt his body became stiff and tensed. He couldn’t yell or move his body; though he tried to shout, no voice came out from his throat… The pressure only started to disappear about an hour later leaving Ah Huat lying flat in his bed.

This night intruder would visit Ah Huat at least once a week. After the intruder has left; he would felt tired and lethargic throughout the day. His wife was apparently oblivious of her husband’s ordeal. Ah Huat said that he didn’t want to scare his wife then so he didn’t tell her about the intruder.

So, one night, Ah Huat thought he had had enough with this night intruder. He pretended he was sleeping with his blanket over him; but he held his fist ready to strike at the intruder. The night intruder barged in to the room as usual through the bedroom window. Ah Huat could feel that the intruder was approaching. So, he gathered all his strength onto his right fist ready to throw a deadly punch.

As the intruder was getting near Ah Huat, Ah Huat felt pressure in the atmosphere gradually becoming tense. As the pressure started to build, Ah Huat found that his body was being seized by an invisible force. All of a sudden, he couldn’t move his muscles anymore. The intruder gradually getting near Ah Huat while he was struggling to free himself. Just as Ah Huat wanted to give up; a four letters word suddenly came out from his throat through his mouth: “f**k”! And his fist swung towards the intruder lifting his own blanket into the air.

All of a sudden, the pressure in the bedroom suddenly dispersed and the intruder was also nowhere to be found. Instead, Ah Huat’s wife was startled by this sudden commotion and asked him what had happened. At this point, Ah Huat did not intend to hide his strange encounter and told his wife.

Both of them believed that the night intruder was not human because their bedroom window is installed with steel grills. Further, their flat was located on the 10th floor which means that their master bedroom was more than 100ft from the ground! No single living being the size of 6ft can come and go through steel grill like nobody’s business. The couple then decided to return to Penang for good.

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