Sunday, October 9, 2016

Spirit Induced Suicides (附身性的自杀)

There are many reasons why people choose to commit suicide. Amongst the reasons are physical, psychological and spiritual.

People can commit suicide because they are despaired about their living conditions. For example: If a person is heavily in debt and that he/she can find no way out to clear his/her debts; then this person may opt to end his/her own life.

There are also people committed suicides due to mental depression. With no apparent provocative reasons, a mentally depressed person can commit suicide out of the blue. Of course, there are many tell-tale signs that a trained professional can pick up if a patient will try to end his/her own life.

A more debatable attribution to suicides is perhaps a person killed him/herself because the spirit that possessed the person enticed he/she to commit suicide.

What then is the difference if a person committed suicide because of physical constraint, mental depression or that of the spirit possession then?

Through my observations and true cases that I have handled so far, it is suffice to say that:

·         If a person is in real trouble of money matters, then he/she will be less likely to seek help before he/she committed suicide.

·         If a person is in mental depression, then he/she too is likely to kill him/herself without prior warning; moreover, seeking external help.

·         If a person is possessed, then he/she is VERY likely to seek help not once, but many times.

There are many books written on spirit induced suicides but sad to say, there are not many well founded discussions or research in this matter.

I don’t pretend to be experts in handling suicide cases but please allow me kick out some of the real stories that I have saved and failed to save for some reasons:

A married lady was having problems with her marriage life and she thought of committing suicide. She came to my place and told me her own feelings:

“I have no intention to commit suicide but there seemed to have another person inside me asking me to kill myself; the inner voice even taught me how to get a quick kill.

You know that I am staying on the 25th floor and that I never had this kind of feeling before when I stood in my balcony looking down until recently. This urge of mine of jumping down from the balcony was so strong right after I quarrelled with my husband.

As I was leaning forward on my balcony railing and prepared to make a jump, suddenly a ray of sunlight shone into my eyes and suddenly my urge of wanting of die was gone! Apparently it was the ray from distant setting sun… You see, my balcony was facing westwards and it was around 6:30pm; it was just the right time for the sun to set.

Maybe I was lucky to be saved by the sun that time, but what should I do as I want to get rid of this inner voice?”

After pondering for a while, this was the advice that I gave to the lady:

“You will be on the safe side if you continue to have the urge to live on. But please find a hobby and have some activities to keep yourself occupied. Meanwhile please keep me informed of your progress.”

A month later, the lady finally lost her suicidal inner voice after some rounds of ritual blessings; and after she had some thought about her unhappy marriage life.

Apparently the said lady has overcome her feeling of wanting to kill herself but it is not so with another lady friend of mine, Jennifer who was working in Singapore. Both of the ladies had some similar experience with mysterious suicidal voice but with very different outcome… Unfortunately speaking, Jennifer who also had a very unhappy married life committed suicide by jumping down from her balcony.

A few days before Jennifer killed herself, she gave me a call but unfortunately I was in some remote area in Chiangmai, Thailand performing a meditative retreat with my master. When I finally returned to civilization and returned her call, it was too late. It was Jennifer’s sister who picked up the phone and informed me of the sad news.

Perhaps if I would have returned a little earlier, then maybe I could save Jennifer’s life. This incident remains to be one of my regrettable cases in my magical life!

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