Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Grabbing For That Number (鬼也抢号码)

You probably heard about the Taiwanese ‘happy lucky picks’ (大家乐) gambling method. In this gamble, a person only need to bet from number 01 to 99. If these double digits coincide with the ‘patriotic lottery’ (爱国奖卷) then the person will get a windfall. Like the TOTO game in Malaysia, the pay rate is of course proportional to the amount of betting.

It would not be a surprise if every living soul in Taiwan is interested in this additional fortune; you may be surprised to learn that even the spirits too want a grab of this handsome fortune! As I was told, the below story was being reported in local news before:

During one of the official number picking function for patriotic lottery one night, when the lady who was in charge of picking the numbers was about to pick the last two digits; which also mean the opening of the ‘happy luck picks’ number… The said lady in-charge suddenly claimed to have saw multiple gigantic hands barged into the container that contained 99 small balls to grab the last two numbers.

Since these giant hands wanting to grab their own preferred numbers, they started to fight amongst each other and this poor lady was so shocked that she just stood beside the ball container dumbfounded; she subsequently fainted. This ‘strange occurrence’ was subsequently made headline and went viral at that time because the program was on live telecast with quite a number of audiences.

Although none of the workers and audiences actually saw the giant hands, since that lady was adamant on what she saw and that she was willing to swear on her honesty; then it is perhaps wise to leave it to your own judgement as to believe it or otherwise.

Taiwan maybe full of spirits and strange tales until such a stage that these invisible good brothers and sisters too are interested in taking part in lucky picks!

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