Saturday, October 15, 2016

Her Boyfriend Is A Ghost (男友不是人)

I was in Subang Jaya during mid of last December. My pals invited me to have a drink in a pub and as I was looking for a table, someone suddenly gave my sleeve a tug. I turned my head and I saw Rosita stood behind me smiling. Before I could open my mouth, Rosita said: “Can I contact you sometime tomorrow? I need your help.”

I looked at my watch and it was 9pm. So I suggested to her: “Why don’t we just sit down and tell me about it since the night is still young?”

Rosita declined and said in secrecy: “He wouldn’t like it when I return too late!”

“Oh, who? Did you mean your boyfriend?” I was curious.

She shook her head and said: “I will tell you tomorrow…” and then left.

Rosita has been an actress for some years and it has been a while before we met again. Rumour has it that Rosita was possessed by a ghost and she jilted her human boyfriend because of this ghost. Story has it that ever since Rosita moved to her new house in Damansara, her character changed; so is her luck. All of a sudden she got many acting and singing contracts and became quite hot in local entertainment industry. Of course, I thought I would hear the true story from Rosita herself the next day.

I told my pal about Rosita’s rumour and this busy body friend said he has her ex-boyfriend’s number; so I asked my pal to call Rosita’s ex as I don’t know him. After some introduction, Rosita’s ex finally told me his side of the story. Apparently, this ex also thought something is fishy about Rosita. When both of them were together and every time they wanted to get intimate, there seemed to be an invisible force pulling this ex-boyfriend away. Further, this unfortunate man also developed some sort of strange skin disease overnight. Before the man could understand what had happened, Rosita kicked him out for unknown reason.

Now, I became more curious…

The next day, Rosita called me and we again meet in the same pub.

Perhaps I didn’t look at Rosita carefully during the night, now under the afternoon sun; she looked a little too pale which gave me a sense of chillness. My instinct told me that something was very wrong. As I suddenly became quite with my stare became grimed; Rosita broke the ice: “I think you already know, Mr. Liew.”

“What had happened?” I asked curiously.

“Don’t worry about me. Can you help to move my ghost boyfriend from my current house to another place? My tenancy contract will end soon, I don’t want to leave it and it has no way out because it is an earthbound spirit…”

“You are playing with fire! Why don’t I help to deliver it to the other side?” I suggested.

Rosita replied adamantly: “I feel very good now! It has helped me with my career and my luck. I couldn’t live without it! Are you helping or not?”

I shrugged and said: “Oh well, I can teach you how to do it but I will not do it for you… first, go to a river and find a piece of stone. After that put the stone in your bed at midnight and ask the ghost to possess the stone. Then wrap the stone with a piece of black cloth, and bring it along with where ever you want to go…”

We parted after the short meeting. Later, Rosita sent me a short note that she has successfully transferred her ghost boyfriend to her new place. We have not met or in contact since then. But I got news from Rosita’s friend that her luck had run out and she was not very active for a while. I have no intention to call her as she knows her risks. I hope Rosita will not do anything stupid.

As the matter of fact speaking, I am actually allergy to rocks and stones, when I see large rocks in a house; I could almost smell troubles around the corner…

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