Thursday, October 20, 2016

Restless Spirits Of Imperial Army (不安定的皇军)

The restless ghosts of Japanese Imperial Army (JIA) started to surface amongst various Malaysian ethnics after the WWII until the late 70’s. Perhaps this is due to the cruelty of the Imperial Army inflicted on people of Malay Peninsular during the war (1941 – 1945). One thing for sure, one of the hobby of JIA during the War was to behead anyone they disliked or dissidents. Of course, some of the JIA prisoners captured by local resistant forces would also behead the POWs too for revenge obviously speaking.

Hence give forth the story of headless JIA in full military uniforms being sighted in various locations across the country. The signature sign of the presence of JIA spirits is the visible noise of leather boots marching on. Many places were used by JIA as headquarters, jails or even administrative buildings are believed to be still haunted until these days. These places include but not limited to schools, jungles, abandoned army camps etc. One of the famous haunting place for these restless JIA soldiers is said to the Penang War Museum.

A few years ago, I have visited a bungalow said to be built in the 20’s in Rasa, Selangor. There is a well located within the bungalow compound and it is said the JIA used to behead its prisoners at the location. The POWs were asked to bow and look into the well and the execution officer will wield his samurai sword to chop down the heads of POWs. The heads are said to fall under gravity force into the well and they were never recovered.

Railway workers staying adjacent to this bungalow told me that they did come across some mysterious figures in the building. In one occasion, the figure of a longhaired woman was seen leaning forward while supporting her chin with her hands near a window upstairs. At times voices of people shouting for help were said to be heard from the bungalow too.

I visited the bungalow around midnight with a friend. Since the wooden staircase were in a dire condition, we didn’t go upstairs but suffice just to look around downstairs. Nothing was found during the visit. So, we decided to go on with other activities.

Two days later, I returned to the place alone at dusk. As I was strolling around, I heard sounds of boots marching came out from the kitchen but I couldn’t be sure if it was what I thought; or it was simply an echo from my own boots. When I proceeded to the kitchen area, I could see a blob of white fog gathered in a corner. Then and again, I don’t really trust my own ‘psychic eyes’ as they are not too reliable. Again, I dismissed them as just water vapour. After all, the rain had just stopped not very long ago.

As I turned my back to walk away, I heard the sounds of people walking as well as some knocking noises on the wall. So, I immediately moved swiftly towards the kitchen and just in split of a second; I saw the figure of a longhaired lady in white moving across the kitchen towards the toilet. Due to curiosity, I hastily chased after the figure and there we met face to face as the figure suddenly turned her head towards me…

“Waaaah!!” The figure yelled.

I was startled and took a few steps back…

Apparently, the figure was a Malay lady who too came into bungalow to investigate the rumoured hauntings of the place.

Maybe there is no ghost in that building after all.  

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