Friday, October 28, 2016

Headless Victoria Cowboy (无头牛仔鬼)

A friend known as Mariam told me that when she was staying in Victoria, Canada some 30 years ago; she had seen herself the figure of a headless horseman.

At that time, Mariam was studying in a high school in Victoria. Mariam stayed in the school hostel together with her other foreign school mates. One day, a friend; Mary and Mariam fallen sick after one’s night’s sleepless party so they decided to be absent from class the next day. They slept in their beds until way past lunch. Since both of them have missed the lunch provided by the hostel, they decided to go down to the street to get some hamburgers.

After visiting a snack shop at the end of a street just some walking distance from their school hostel, Mariam and Mary walked slowly along their most familiar street. As the ladies were slowly walking enjoying the autumn afternoon, suddenly Mariam heard noises similar to ‘crock, crock crock…” came from the further end of the street. She instinctively thought someone was riding a horse on the street. So, she turned her head and looked around while asking Mary: “Did you hear what I heard?”

Mary laughed at Mariam and said perhaps it was the hangover of last night’s booze. So, Mariam just brushed aside what she thought she heard and the ladies continued to walk and chat. A few minutes later, Mariam heard the familiar crocking noise again; this time Mary heard it too… Before anyone of them opened her mouth; there they saw a ‘headless’ cowboy with a cowboy’s hat and wearing grey suit riding on a horse galloping towards them.

Perhaps it was ‘inappropriate’ to say that the cowboy was ‘headless’ because as recalled by Mariam later, between the hat and the grey suit, she saw a blob of greenish gaseous substances instead of the normal head. It was an unexpected sighting and the ladies certainly weren’t expected to see apparition during daytime. Finally, panic broke between the two ladies and they ran with their record fast into their hostel and then jumped straight into their beds. This was their first time see a ‘gui lou’ (鬼佬/foreigner) who was an authentic ‘gui’ (ghost)!

Years later, the ladies returned to Malaysia. Mariam got a new boyfriend and on their first date, they somehow chatted about ghostly happenings. And, after her boyfriend heard Mariam’s strange encounter with the headless cowboy; the first question he asked Mariam was: “Was the cowboy headless, instead a blob of greenish smoke?”

“Yes. But how did you know?” Mariam asked bewilderedly.

“Well, I was in Vancouver and staying in a hotel some years ago. I saw this headless horseman after returning from a pub one night…

 If you are in Victoria, perhaps you have seen this headless one too.

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