Sunday, October 9, 2016

Humanity Complexity & Suicides (复杂人性与自杀)

I do not like to be called an ‘exorcist’ for most of the times I only dealt with a person’s complex humanity. It would be utmost erroneous to perform an exorcism ritual and then declare the spirits inside a person had left; and that the person is ‘saved’. Unfortunately speaking, it is not always the actual ‘devil’ that I had to deal with but the inner undisclosed self of the person.

In order to under the underneath complexity of each individual, I would need to do a series of ‘onion peeling’ work similar to the modern psychologist or psychotherapist. Ideally speaking, a person should have undergone reviews of psychologists or psychotherapist first before coming to me so that all those non-spiritual elements are excluded first hand; or I will have to do the analysis from scratch.

Let us go through a fairly recent suicide case said to be due to possession… But was it really because of spirits; or there is indeed something behind the suicide case?

Sometime ago, a lady dropped at my place. According to the lady, her sister; Marian committed suicide believed to be caused by spirit possession. The sister wanted a second opinion on Marian’s death as she was not convinced that some evil spirits were the culprit.

As the story goes, Marian went for a tour to mainland China and her character changed abruptly ever since.

After returning from her trip, Marian started to speak senselessly in a language that could not be understood by anyone. She always overslept until her work was affected and Marian was subsequently fired by her company.

Later, Marian was brought to a few psychiatrists but her conditions flips flops.

After a while, Marian again went for another trip to China with her friends. Since her parents thought it would do Marian good if she could have an environment change.

Sadly, speaking, Marian went back to the hotel she stayed and then committed suicide by jumping down from her hotel room… And that is the end of Marian.

Even though most of us would like to conclude that Marian committed suicide due to spirit possession but let us just hold our horses first at this point.

Although abrupt character change and oversleeping do sound like symptoms of spirit possession, but that could also mean that some incident might had happened to Marian during her first trip to China that had traumatized Marian physically: Perhaps she was assaulted, abused or even threatened; and that she had no way to escape her situations or quit her jobs. Maybe her ego was hurt so much that Marian chosen the ultimate way to escape this physical world. Unfortunately speaking, no one can uncover the truth following Marian’s death.

Since Marian did not seek help physically, I would have guessed the above assumption is true: Someone must have done something on Marian until she thought that she had chosen her final end; which has nothing to do with spirit possession at all. Whatever case that might be; Marian has done herself no favour by bringing her problems to her grave. No justice could be done for her in any case!

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