Saturday, October 22, 2016

Bite Marks (齿印)

My friend, Andy’s daughter Nancy is 10 years old now. When she was about 3 years old, bite marks suddenly appeared on her arms and occasionally on her legs. Andy came to me for help as he was being suspected of abusing his child when he sent little Nancy to a child care centre. He sworn that there is no way that he could have bitten his own child; besides the bite marks were pretty small for an adult. Andy thought perhaps some supernatural forces were at work.

I visited Andy’s house one Sunday morning on his request. His wife was busy in the kitchen while Andy was sitting in the living room watching TV while keeping an eye on little Nancy. Andy kept many unusual things in his house including many large and small antique Thai statues. He also had a Thai Buddhist altar filled with all kinds of statues: from Shakyamuni Buddha to Lukkok. Andy told me that his Lukkok (dried stillborn) is real and he had spent much money to source for one. It was one of its kind and in high demand in open market. The Lukkok was his latest collection which he obtained a few weeks ago. There were many food offerings being placed at the lowest level for the Buddha and spirits too.

While Andy and I was chatting about Nancy’s case, the little girl was playing with her dolls beside us. At times, Nancy would approach the altar to grab some sweets and biscuits from the offering plates. Apparently, those foods for spirits had become a large attraction to this little Nancy. After Nancy grabbed some goodies, she came to me and gave a handful to me while saying: “Uncle, sweets!”

As when I was about to take the sweets from little Nancy, I saw a swift moving black shadow emerged from the altar but with some hesitation, it returned into a corner where the Lukkok was kept. After I fetched the sweets from Nancy, I thanked the girl and she returned to the altar to get more sweets and biscuits for herself. This time, as soon as Nancy approached the altar, the black shadow suddenly darted towards Nancy and poor little girl fell onto the floor and cried out loud.

Both of us simultaneously rushed to Nancy to console her, at the same time; we saw another new bite mark appeared on Nancy’s right arm. It is obvious to me now who is the culprit who had bitten little Nancy. Since Nancy was weeping non-stop; Andy lifted Nancy and let she sit on his laps while we continue to talk. So, I started the conversation:

“Hey, bro. I think I know the reason of the bite mark. You have seen it yourself, it is the kid spirit you kept in the altar! Apparently, your kid spirit dislikes Nancy disturbing its foods… Further, it is not so ideal for a person with own kids to keep a kid spirit. If you decide to keep one, you must treat it as your eldest child and you must take care of its needs first; or it will create trouble as what now you are facing now…”

Andy nodded his head and replied: “I know what to do. My Nancy is my main priority!”

A week later, Andy called me and said that no further new bite marks found on Nancy after he has gotten rid of the Lukkok. Of course, if you buy a so-called Lukkok in a night market worth only $50 or so, then you do not need to throw it away for I would be surprised if it can make any miracles.

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