Wednesday, October 12, 2016

The Problem Of 77 Or 99 (77或99的问题)

Let’s go back to Taiwan in the 80’s when the ‘Happy Lucky Pick’ (大家乐) was just launched.

At that time, this Happy Lucky Pick had taken Taiwanese society by storm. Almost everyone was looking for ‘tips’ which is known as ‘clear card’ (明牌). And there are many ways to get an accurate tip: through a medium or one can also get the prediction through one’s dreams.

This story was told by a friend who served as a police officer then. This is a story of a married couple who landed themselves at police station after a big fight. The reason was the mere disagreement of how each interpreted a dream…

A newlywed couple was a big fan of Happy Lucky Pick. They tried their every effort to get good number predictions including consulting spirits and through own dreams.

One night the husband had a dream of a busybody old lady cursing him all night long. When he woke up from his dream, he thought that the busybody aunty means ‘sam pat’ (三八) in Chinese; so he bet on number 38. Apparently the luck was on his side and he won NDT100k or so.

A few weeks later, this husband had another vivid dream again. In that dream he saw a pair of flags waving in front of him. Since he could still vividly visualize the flags in his mind, he thought this again would be a good hint for the Happy Lucky Pick. After flip flops in his bed for a while, he thought the pair of flags must have meant ‘77’. Just as when he has made his mind; his wife who was sleeping beside him suddenly shouted: “I have won the Lucky Pick!!”

“What did you say?!” The husband yelled out.

The wife turned her back and faced her hubby: “I dreamt of a pair of flags! That must be a sign for coming Happy Pick!”

The husband was happy too as his wife was having the same dream… He said: “I am going to bet on number 77 right after the breakfast!”

The wife yelled: “What did you say? The flags must have meant 99!”

“It is 77!” The husband said.

“It is 99!” The wife was also unyielding on the other hand.

Honestly speaking, if both of them would compromise and bet on 77 and 99 together; the problem would already be solved.

But being a chauvinistic, the husband insisted to put all the bet on 77 since he has the money and his wife didn’t.

The luck wasn’t on the husband’s side this time: when the result was announced, 99 was the lucky pick!

 What else? The already indignant wife started to quarrel with her hubby which ended up in a big fight until so much so that the commotion disturbed their neighbour; and the couple was subsequently ended up in local police station.

Of course, this case had become the laughing stalk of the police station and the neighbourhood. However, I am not sure what is the squeal of the couple now; the story didn’t tell. What I am sure is that think twice when you want to marry a Taiwanese lady!

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