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Ghosts In The Eyes Of A Sorcerer (术士眼中的鬼)


Many people wanted to know what ghosts look like. The best resources are of course, from those narrations of true mediums. Sadly speaking, most of the descriptions of ghosts in the medias are written by those who have not seen a ghost for those who also do not have a chance to see ghosts. Hence give forth the image of ghosts being: wearing red shirt, long hair, always standing by the roadside to scare taxi drivers etc. I am not about to give a lecture, suffice just to describe what ghosts look like to me who has worked with ghosts for almost 30 years.

Definition of ghosts

By ghosts, I would refer to intelligent spiritual beings that can react to the environment.

What do ghosts look like?

This is a question many people would like to know. There are two answers: when ghosts are resting (sleeping), they appear as if an orb the size of a pea. To the naked eyes, the ghosts would seem to have disappeared in thin air. The fact is that they simply discharged all their energies and became a pea-like entity. When ghosts sleep; they would attach themselves onto objects such as rocks, plants or even human beings.

In the awakening state, ghosts look like a blob of fog. Of course, in order to form a shape; ghosts need to absorb a lot of energy. When they do take forms, their surrounding would become cold.

In normal circumstances, ghosts cannot hold their forms for a very long time. They can normally materialise for 5 seconds the most and then return to its gaseous state. This is the reason why most of those authentic ghost photos only show a head with fog-like substances around.

Do ghosts have colours?

Yes. They do. Majority of ghosts I see if greyish in colour. Sometimes they appear to be in black, green and white. New ghosts are more colourful than old ghosts. A recent deceased ghost would appear as our normal person but the older it gets, its colour fades with time. Greyish ghosts are at least 40 to 50 years old. I have not seen a ghost with red colour so far.

Where can I normally see a ghost?

A ghost cannot just materialise anywhere. It cannot take form in an open space such as on a straight stretch of highway, in centre of an open field, on exposed mountain peak or in a windy place. So, the best chance for a person to see ghost is in a damped and enclosed place such as in a haunted house, a cave, in a tropical forest etc. A ghost also needs water to survive, so a ghost can also be sighted on the river banks, beside lakes, seaside and swamps.

Do ghosts need to eat?

Yes. Ghosts feed on smells, energy and water. If your house electric appliances break down too often, especially the lightning; then ghosts may be present. Of course, your electrical circuit may as well be overloaded too when you have added too many high power equipment.

Do ghosts harm living beings?

Yes. Since ghosts feed on energy, they would attach to a person and feed on his/her energy. As the person’s energy is drawn, the person would get tired and easily annoyed. Since ghosts like to feed on energy, they certainly like to dwell in a person’s internal organs such as heart, kidneys and stomach where the energy is plentiful. If these spirit parasites dwell in the organs for too long, they may cause physical illnesses such as cancers.

Other than that, ghosts would blur a person’s mind which caused he/she to make wrong judgement. For example, ghosts can cause their host to hallucinate and see things while he/she is driving resulting in freak accidents. Ghosts too can change the character of a person and made him/her isolated from the society.

Do ghosts grant wishes?

Yes. Only in the dreams. I have requested many requests to ghosts and all of my wishes were being granted in my dreams: women, work and social status. Of course, I couldn’t bring those ‘gifts’ in the dream to our physical world.

Can magician kill a ghost?

Yes, and no. Yes, a magician can temporarily put a ghost to ‘sleep’. Since a ghost is a type of energy; in Buddhist terms, it is ‘alaya’ seed which cannot be destroyed. So, No, ghosts cannot be destroyed. After sometime of sleeping, they will rise automatically.

How can I see ghosts?

You can see ghosts when you are being possessed by another ghost; or when you are practising some kind of spiritual practices. Most of the time, people who claimed to be able to see ghost themselves are already being possessed without noticed.

Also, not forget to mentioned that only those people have some kind of karmic connection can see a ghost. For example, if a person must have done something to the ghost that enabled the ghost to appear in his/her vision. When this person sees this ghost with his naked eyes; this ghost already possessed his body.

What do you think about ghosts?

Ghosts are pitiful beings yet they are best to be left alone. They are almost always sad. In fact, I have not seen a happy ghost so far. The best way to handle a ghost is to deliver it to the other side and not letting them to stay with us; even they were once our loved ones.

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