Saturday, October 29, 2016

Pink Hairs (粉红头发)

Sometimes what you think you see, is not what you get.

A few years ago, a newlywed couple invited me to perform Feng Shui audit on their newly purchased double story house in Penang. Let’s call this couple as JJ couple: James and Jane for short. Frankly speaking, I do not like to audit a done deal premise because most of the time when I opened my compass, the reading would be not of the expectations of those still joyful and proud house owner.

Same case happened to JJ’s one million double story house. When I opened my compass, the needle shook vigorously and perhaps there was an underground power cable running through I thought. Then I completed the audit and bid the couple farewell. A few weeks later, they invited me to their housewarming party and all was just fine back then.

One year later, James contacted me again. This time on another matter. This time, we met in a coffee shop in Bayan Baru as according to James; it was not very convenient to talk in the house…

So, we met in the coffee shop and both James and Jane came. As soon as the couple sat down, Jane started to talk:

“I am sure there is an entity in our house and we nearly divorce because of it.

About a month after we moved into our new house, I started to discover some pink hairs attached to James clothing, on the floor and on the bed too…

Since both of us are working, none of us would be at home unless our parents come for a short stay. Unless of course, one of us takes leave and stays at home obviously speaking.

At first, I thought the hair must be blown by wind from the neighbour’s place but as I got acquainted with our neighbours; I didn’t notice anyone with pink hairs. So, I started to doubt if James was having an affair. But after some interrogations, James denied all my allegations. Further, our house CCTV records didn’t capture any stranger in the house. Gradually our relationship was in jeopardy in directly affecting our works too until…

One afternoon, I felt sick. So I applied for a half day leave and rest at home. As I was lying flat in my bed and in a drowsy state, suddenly I saw the face of a young lady perhaps in her early 20’s materialised in the air above my face. She was smiling and I could faintly hear ‘hello’ echoing in the air. And, this lady has long pink hairs! Since then, I always hear voices when I was alone.

I started to investigate the background of our house. The neighbours either didn’t know or didn’t want to say anything about it until a cleaning lady accidentally slipped her tongue and revealed that the former owner of our current house was a female singer who liked to dye her hair to pink colour. Unfortunately speaking, this lady was an alcoholic and she also taking drugs. During one of her late night fiestas, she succumbed to drug overdose.

Her house was later bought by us. And, apparently this pink hair lady is not about to give up the ghost as yet…

Now, Mr. Liew; what can we do to keep our 1 million plus half a million renovation house?”

It was apparent to me now the ‘free’ coffee was not ‘free’ at all. Frankly speaking, I hate this type of impromptu cheap requests. So, I said slumber:

“First, you can sell off the property and make a quick profit while the property market is good… Or you can put an aquarium at the darkest or brightest place of your house with 2 black and 2 red fishes. Also, please get one cactus to put it on the aquarium cover. The fishes will change colour in a few weeks’ time. When they do change colour, then they will die soon. This means the fishes have absorbed and neutralize the negative energy in the house. You must get the same replacement until the fishes do not change colour.”

I bid the couple good luck and as I heard, JJ has finally sold off their property last year. Maybe it is too tempting to make a quick profit; or it is actually difficult to remove the pink hair female ghost after all…

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